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still frame cross dissolve issues (lighting change and ghost image)

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David Bowman
still frame cross dissolve issues (lighting change and ghost image)
on Aug 10, 2017 at 3:56:40 pm

I am having a problem I have not previously had with Premier Pro, and am hoping someone out there can offer a solution.

In a current video project, I have several sections that are more "slide show" in nature. That is, there are still (.jpg) images that are cross dissolved into one another. There are a bunch of these in the overall project, probably upwards of 100, interspersed with actual video footage.

When I rendered the project last night, I noticed that on just a few of these, maybe 4 or 5 out of the 100, there is a glitch in the cross dissolve transition. There are two aspects to this glitch:

1) In the frame immediately before the cross dissolve, there is a slight darkening of the starting image (the one fading away). This is most pronounced and visible on the black colors in the image, with them becoming darker. On the next frame, it re-lightens back to what it was 2 frames previous and begins the actual cross dissolve, with the new image dissolving in. One frame might not seem like a lot, but when viewed real-time, it makes the dissolve look much less smooth and adds an almost jumping appearance.

2) On these same glitched cross dissolve transitions, the last (almost completely faded out) remnants of the starting image persists for the entire duration of the second image. That is, there is an extremely faded "ghost" image of the previous photo that seems to have not completed its dissolve.

Neither of these are visible in the preview in Premier, only in the rendered project (.mp4) viewed in QT. And it's only in these few instances. All of the other cross dissolved photos in the project have behaved normally. I am using the transition the exact same way in all instances-- 1 sec duration, centered on the cut.

Has anyone seen this behavior before? It feels like a render issue, given that it does not appear at all within PP (I checked frame by frame in PP and QT, and it's only in the rendered file). Though I am by no means a render expert. I did nudge the target bitrate rate down some to make the file size more manageable (it's 47 minutes long), but I would think that if that was the cause, I wouldn't just see it on a few of the dissolves-- and I had it at 27mps (1080p file), so I would think that would still be plenty high enough.


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Max Mackton
Re: still frame cross dissolve issues (lighting change and ghost image)
on Jun 6, 2019 at 9:26:03 pm


It happen the exaclty same thing to me.

I fixed it by deselecting the option [ ] Render at Maximun Depth in the 'Video' tab at the "Export settings' dialog.

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