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Audio Drift - (Running out of ideas)

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Thomas Keane
Audio Drift - (Running out of ideas)
on Feb 22, 2017 at 10:30:00 am

Hi, I finally decided to sign up and ask for specific help with my issue, I've read so many threads about audio drift and the likes and I want to get to the root of my problem.
So, let me start off by saying the footage I'm editing is purely for recreation, I'm not a very experienced user of PP and this has been a constant issue for all of the videos I've attempted to make.

My system specs are as follows:
OS: Windows 10 Pro
CPU : i5 4670k
GPU: Zotac AMP Extreme GTX 1070
Ram: 4GB X 2 @ 1866Mhz
SDD: 120GB used for OS and Media Cache
SSHD: 1TB Used for PP and Source Footage

Here is a link to a picture of the media info of the two videos I wish to work with:

One of the videos is gameplay and the other is webcam footage. Both were captured using OBS studio.
Here is a sample of the settings (including the encoder):
]The only difference is between the two is the Bit rate. One is 40Mb/s and the other 8Mb/s.

Here is a copy of my Sequence Settings:

Now I've tried all sorts of 'fixes' such as converting to .mov which i didn't have much hope for.
However, I have done the following:

Ensured constant frame rate, Ensured audio sample rate is 48000Khz, cleared cache, converted audio file to a .wav using Audition/ Audacity
None of the above have sorted my audio.

From what I can tell the video gradually slows down, or the audio slowly speeds up. I believe it's the video slowing down as I've recorded a separate mp3 file from my microphone and it syncs perfectly the audio from my webcam. However it could just be misinterpreting both files incorrectly.

By the end of my timeline the audio is about 5 seconds ahead of the video.

If I can fix the sound issue I'll be happy but to compound the issue the two videos themselves fall out of sync. ie My webcam footage slowly starts to fall behind my game play footage despite both being recorded simultaneously. However that is a much smaller issue.

Anyway, at this stage i'm desperate and I know there's a lot of information here but if someone could help me fix this I'd be so grateful. Thanks!

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Chris Wright
Re: Audio Drift - (Running out of ideas)
on Feb 23, 2017 at 6:14:11 am

did you try re-encoding with handbrake with constant framerate? I know you tried it with the obs software, but I don't think obs creates premiere compatible files.

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Thomas Keane
Re: Audio Drift - (Running out of ideas)
on Feb 23, 2017 at 9:18:50 am

I did run it through handbrake to see if the difference in bit rate was causing a problem. It didnt do much. But obs outputs a constant frame rate anyway so that shouldnt be an issue.

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Harrison Gruber
Re: Audio Drift - (Running out of ideas)
on Feb 24, 2017 at 3:43:46 am

Try exporting all your audio out of premiere at the same bitrate and then reimport it.

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Thomas Keane
Re: Audio Drift - (Running out of ideas)
on Feb 24, 2017 at 10:18:01 am

I'll give that a go tonight and see if I've much success

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adam bechtol
Re: Audio Drift - (Running out of ideas)
on Jul 14, 2017 at 8:17:18 am


Let me quickly say, that like you I've been at this issue for along time. Starting months ago, I'd read plenty of threads, watched a bunch of videos. And I've tried the fixes that you have.

As people have mentioned and you've probably read, the issue seems to be a problem with variable framerate. (There's free software called Mediainfo you can download if you'd like to see what the minimum and maximum framerate is for the file)

Speaking of free software I'd tried Handbrake, and i remember it not being suitable in the past. However, I just used it before writing this for the same audio drift kind of problem we are talking about, and it worked successfully. It's not hard at all , you just make sure to select the box that says Constant framerate, chose a destination for the file to output to and press convert (or whatever it says)

Maybe it's what you meant when you said "Ensured a constant framerate" and I don't recall why I abandoned converting the file with Handbrake in the past, but this time it worked like a charm, and so I that's my recommendation. Simple, free, easy and fairly fast. And as you might expect, such a relief :)

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