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Make offline and re-link clips individually

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Dan McGuire
Make offline and re-link clips individually
on Feb 14, 2017 at 3:12:37 pm

I edited a piece that uses some old VHS video I digitized. I later found a newer, better quality version of the VHS material.

I would like to replace all the old clips with clips from the better quality file. The time code is very close - just a few frames off.

I have tried to offline a clip, then reconnect the clip to the new video file. Unfortunately, this method offlines ALL the clips in the sequence linked to the original bad quality video. That should be the best way to do it, I know, but the all need tweeking and I would like to do them one clip at a time. Is that possible?


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John Pale
Re: Make offline and re-link clips individually
on Feb 14, 2017 at 4:27:55 pm

Use Project Manager to Consolidate and Transcode the existing sequence to individual clips (with handles).

The consolidated sequence will point to individual media files for each shot, which you can then take offline and relink to new media.

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Alex Udell
Re: Make offline and re-link clips individually
on Feb 14, 2017 at 4:42:02 pm

Hi Dan...


if you keep the bad quality video online...

bring in the better quality video...

put them both in a new sequence:

V2 = better video
V1 = bad video

align v2 clip so that it visually corrects the timecode offset

you can use the timeline panel menu to access the start time of this layered sequence so that it matches the timecode of bad video if necessary)

load this layered sequence into your source viewer

in your destination timeline (a safe copy) where you will be replacing the bad quality edits

disable the first icon: "insert and overwrite as nests or individual clips" so that it appears white.

now you should be able to patch V2 (the good quality video) to sequence track V1

the info tab should give you some timecode info about that bad video timecode (which should match the timecode in the source viewer since you changed the start time as above) to help you find it to match it in your source viewer (which contains the layered sequence)

you can use the X (mark clip -- fcp shortcut) to set the duration of the edit in the sequence...

find the matching in or out video in the source viewer (and mark it with I or O accordingly)

then do an overwrite edit to lay the V2 (good video) in as the replacement to the bad video on V1 of your destination sequence.

nothing else should be patched in the sequence (unless you need audio too)...

but that's about the best process I can think of to do it....

hope that helps!

Alex Udell
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Dan McGuire
Re: Make offline and re-link clips individually
on Feb 14, 2017 at 5:20:37 pm

Thanks to both of you. I'm impressed!

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