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2009 Mac Pro, Adobe Premiere CS4 running on Win7 Ultimate in Parallels - Capture from FW? Backup? Boot Camp? After Effects?

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Adam Chambers
2009 Mac Pro, Adobe Premiere CS4 running on Win7 Ultimate in Parallels - Capture from FW? Backup? Boot Camp? After Effects?
on Sep 24, 2016 at 8:59:42 pm

This is going to be a rather involved post, and I have searched for answers to my question, but I am not seeing it.

Here is my situation. What I am running is posted in the subject. I've already paid for CS4, so I plan on using it. I have used it. However, I am running into issues with capturing. I am told this may be due to drivers, so I am investigating that. I tried to capture from iMovie as a work around, but the footage looks like crap. I am also told that I should be using Boot Camp instead of Parallels, so I am ticked that I paid for Parallels. That being said (and the fact that I want to acquire and SSD and make that my boot drive), I think that I will need to reinstall everything and set up Boot Camp. So does any of this make sense? I will have to look at iMovie's capture settings, but that is a seperate topic. I am told that Boot Camp will run smoother, and to be honest, I haven't been impressed with Parallels. Once that is done, I can see where my capture problem lies and if I need to find drivers.

So, what is the best way to backup my project files so I can access them after reinstalling everything? I have only one real project on there right now that I want to keep. Knowing the right way and what I need to focus on will be a big help.

Then, after all this is done, and my lack of interest in paying a monthly subscription, does anyone know a reputable place to acquire an older version of After Effects?

Thank you!

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Al Bergstein
Re: 2009 Mac Pro, Adobe Premiere CS4 running on Win7 Ultimate in Parallels - Capture from FW? Backup? Boot Camp? After Effects?
on Sep 26, 2016 at 2:47:53 am

Let me do my best to help you. Last items first.

  • Acquiring an older version of AE. I would start with eBay. Often they have old versions for sale there.

  • I store all my project files in a folder with the project name.
    Year-Project Name-Maybe other id data

  • I copy all needed files into the folder structure. If I need something that is a duplicate elsewhere in my system, I make a copy of the video, and copy it into the folder. It is *much* easier to find everything later!

    Once you have it all in there copy that folder to a backup drive. When you reinstall your AE you should be able to go to that folder and pull the whole project up. Try it before destroying your only copy!

    Ok. As to Boot Camp vs. Parallels.
    I have used both, but only use Parallels now. I would have to say that Parallels is really not designed to be the way to use something as disk heavy and graphics intensive as any of the Adobe suite. I'm sure there are people out their using it for that, but let's be clear. It puts a level of abstraction (the virtual machine) between your application and the underlying OS. My experience is that it's prone to problems when you do that. It's really good for running lightly used apps. Even then, I've had problems with specialty apps, ones that need the printer for example, not printing properly on a Virtual Machine (VM) versus a "real" Windows machine. One app I use infrequently is a great Windows app for printing labels on DVDs. It won't work on Parallels. Just won't print.

    Positives: You can run the Mac OS and Windows simultaneously on your Mac.

    Negatives: I believe that you cannot boot off a remote drive with Parallels. Have they fixed that yet? Not sure. That means you need to have both OS's on the main hard drive. That affects performance negatively. However, there is a new product, called Parallels for MacPro that may allow you to have the boot drive on a separate hard drive. That may cost you an expensive upgrade. Please check with them first.

    As to Boot Camp, it requires you to dedicate a partition on your Mac hard drive. So you are in essence running both Windows and Mac OS on your primary hard drive, but not both at once. you choose at startup. This means that you have better control over graphics and other drivers, because your Mac is essentially a Windows machine. When you boot up, you have a choice. Run Mac OS or Windows. Not both at once like Parallels.

    Here is the Bootcamp FAQ

    Caveats: Apple supports BIOS issues and compatibility. I had a lot of blue screens with Boot Camp.

    Ultimately, I believe that the best thing to do, if you need Windows for running Windows apps, is to buy a Windows computer that is fully supported by Dell, HP, Lenovo etc. Your next best option is Boot Camp, since that's almost the same thing, and last is Parallels.

    To be clear, for many tasks Parallels is fine. It can run a huge number of Windows apps. Maybe even for your needs Adobe products. The fact that you are trying to run a very old version of adobe products on your Mac, is likely to create problems for you that I can't anticipate. Compatibility with old versions gets worse and worse with every upgrade of the OS.

    Best of luck. Hope this helps.


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