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Slow splash-screen startups for no apparent reason. WTF?!

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Mel Matsuoka
Slow splash-screen startups for no apparent reason. WTF?!
on Sep 24, 2016 at 1:14:34 am

I am about to go "Office Space" on Premiere Pro 2015.4 on macOS 10.10.5.

For no reason, Premiere will often randomly decide to take 30 minutes to startup, leaving me and my clients to stare at the all of the "Loading..." items slowly iterate through, while cursing incredibly filthy words at the screen.

Despite going through all of the usual troubleshooting workarounds, including:

System Reboot
Repair Permissions
Deleting all Adobe Media Caches
Trashing Premiere preferences
Complete uninstall and reinstall of Premiere (which, btw is an ABSOLUTE NIGHTMARE because I have a slow internet connection, and you can no longer download standalone installers of the Creative Cloud updates)

etc. etc...

Premiere will sometimes, for no reason, decide to take its own damn sweet time launching. My usual assumption is that it's rebuilding the plugin cache, but why the hell would it need to do that, if I haven't updated any of my plugins?

And just now, I experienced a kernel panic while working in Premiere, and when the system restarted, and I launched Premiere again, it again took forever to start up and cycle through the plugins. I'm left wondering if the kernel panic had anything to do with this issue, but I can seen nothing obvious in the system Console logs that would help solve the problem.

I took a lunch break, and let Premiere take its time to start up again. When I came back, it had completed, and appeared to be operating normally. Out of superstition, I quit Premiere and restarted again, to make sure that whatever housekeeping it needed to do on startup "stuck".

But to my horror, when I launched Premiere, it again took 30 minutes to start up. I now have to resort to completely uninstalling and reinstalling Premiere, using the horrible Creative Cloud Desktop app (instead of using a standalone installer, like they used to allow you to do)

Can anyone shed any light on what causes Premiere to behave like this for no apparent reason? I'm about to jump out the window because of this, and I can imagine it being a great way to lose a client, if this happened right in the middle of an important screening or edit session.

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Mel Matsuoka
Re: Slow splash-screen startups for no apparent reason. WTF?!
on Sep 24, 2016 at 1:17:29 am

I of course meant to say Premiere Pro 2015.3, not 2015.4!

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Duke Sweden
Re: Slow splash-screen startups for no apparent reason. WTF?!
on Sep 24, 2016 at 1:25:04 am

I put up my latest post at just about the same time as you put up this one, and I also was very tempted to add a WTF to my subject. While a different problem than yours, this is another example of Premiere Pro acting differently on its own. Unlike you I do this for fun so I don't have angry clients looking over my shoulder, but I feel your pain.

There seems to be waaaaay too many weird problems popping up lately that only affects 1 or 2 people. That makes it a LOT harder to find a solution. Aggravating!

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Chris Wright
Re: Slow splash-screen startups for no apparent reason. WTF?!
on Sep 24, 2016 at 2:12:50 am

2015.4 has a memory issue, i'd stick with .3 until they fix it.
.2 is the most stable and still works with speedgrade although it doesn't have the secondary hue feature.

also, try refreshing your plugin cache with alt+shift
and make sure you have permissions assigned to adobe folders.

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Mel Matsuoka
Re: Slow splash-screen startups for no apparent reason. WTF?!
on Sep 24, 2016 at 3:18:00 am

Well, after more investigating, I figured out that the possible culprit could be the Noise Industries "FXFactory" plugin package.

Even after trashing my Premiere prefs, uninstalling Premiere, deleting all Adobe Media Caches, etc...then reinstalling via the godawful Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop app (did I mention that I hate the Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop app?), Premiere would still take forever to start up.

I noticed that while it sped through the plugins this time, it would slowly trudge through a seemingly endless series of random, hexadecimal files. I thought at first these were Cache files, but their persistence even after deleting all the Adobe cache files was puzzling. Using the good old Unix "find" command, I determined that these hex filenames were being loaded from the "~/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Common/Plug-ins/7.0/MediaCore/FXFactory" folder.

After deleting all of those files, and then completely disabling FXFactory, Premiere was able to start up again quickly

I created detailed documentation of this issue here, if anyone is curious:

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