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Adding film grain to a white graphic with transparency

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Cody Hoerig
Adding film grain to a white graphic with transparency
on Jun 29, 2016 at 7:19:01 pm

I am having trouble solving this fairly simple problem.

I have a white PNG logo with transparency. When I am in premiere I want to add film grain to just the white section of the logo to give it a more organic look. I have some scanned 35mm film grain that I put over footage usually, and set to overlay blending mode.

When I throw the 35mm grain over the PNG, and adjust the blending mode to overlay the grain appears everywhere BUT the white logo. You can only see the grain in the black of the image. No matter what blending mode I select it doesn't really change anything. At most I can get the grain to go over the entire image.

Is there something I am overlooking. This seems to happen no matter what program I use. I just want the grain to appear on the actual logo which is all white.


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Alan Lloyd
Re: Adding film grain to a white graphic with transparency
on Jul 1, 2016 at 11:09:51 pm

I'm guessing here, because I can't see your files, but...

I'd at least try the following:

Hold down "alt" and drag the resulting copy of the logo up two tracks. (If there's no additional track there, Premiere will generate one.)

Then load the film grain clip into the track between the logo and the logo copy.

Then go into effects > keying > track matte, applied to the film grain. Select the track with the logo coy as the key source, and set the method to "luma" and the white parts of the image should act as a key source, in 1:1 relation to the original image, and key the grain over the white parts.

Hope it works - it sounds like it should.

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Ivan Myles
Re: Adding film grain to a white graphic with transparency
on Jul 5, 2016 at 1:39:46 pm

In addition to the previous recommendations, consider using the Noise effect if your grain image isn't working on the white areas.

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Sebastian von Wachenfeldt
Re: Adding film grain to a white graphic with transparency
on Oct 30, 2019 at 2:06:46 am


I'm sorry to say, this did not work at all.
Then again I'm completely clueless about keying.
I also don't understand why this would even have to be done?

I have my stock footage of film grain, a video file, I put it on top of my own footage and choose Overlay in blending modes. Now I have no idea why to choose Overlay -it's the recommendation of the one that provided the package of film grain- nor do I know what Overlay actually does to the clip, but that doesn't really matter - it works! The effect that Overlay gives me here is that somehow anything that is under this film grain clip will now "shine through" the upper layer of film grain, or in another sense: have the film grain applied to it.
But not when it comes to a .PNG! Why?
Not only is it extremely frustrating but also seems illogical? Choosing Overlay as blending mode on my film grain will automatically seemingly "attach" it to any footage that is beneath it in the timeline. It's so simple. Why doesn't it work on .pngs???

(So, mainly, I would just be terrible happy if you could help me out!
But I'm also curious about the science behind it... if you would be interested in schooling me) ☺

Thank you very much!

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