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Scaling a sequence up to 4K

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Dominick Santise
Scaling a sequence up to 4K
on May 16, 2016 at 2:01:32 pm

Hello. I tried finding reference to this but found nothing that hit the issue, so my apologies if this is something basic that I am missing. I am new-ish to Premiere so bare with any novice remarks.

Working on a title treatment. Been working in 1920 x 1080 as that is what was given to me at the start of the project. Finished project and sent off export. Turns out the final production is actually 4096 x 1728.

I realize under most circumstances I would be hosed. Nothing has to be said regarding the "DON"T SCALE UP" logic. I am an image/photoshop pro. I realize this works the same. Luckily the overall look is super grainy and graphic. Crossing my fingers that it does not fall apart once rendered. That said, I can't simply copy and paste into a new sequence and scale to fit for two reasons.

1. Not all the clips are the same size. The source material is from various formats and blown up and distorted, etc. Unless I am not setting it properly (if you can set preferences for this I have missed it), but scale to fit is pretty uniform in how it handles clips, correct? It fits it to the best possible size match, regardless of the setting in the original sequence? i.e. If the clip in a smaller sequence was proportional to the sequence but was blown up 120% and it was copied into a larger aspect ratio (still proportional) and scaled to fit it would be scaled to fit the aspect ratio in the new sequence, not proportionally larger to match the 120% from the original, correct?

2. That said, the second reason is that the aspect ratio proportions are different from what it was created in. So even when I hit scale to fit, it only scales it to the height, leaving black bars on the sides.

If I can't scale it as I have described above, my current workaround is to letterbox the original sequence to the proper proportions for 4096 x 1728. Drag the 1920 x 1080 sequence into a 4096 x 1728 sequence, scale the sequence and bounce back and forth editing the original and see how it fits the new correctly sized sequence.

My concern with that is I have never tried this, not sure if everything scales the same way doing it this method, or if I will have more loss than I should, if it will render differently because of this method, etc. Assuming all native filters and type and so on will scale?

As for scaling, again, I realize I am taking a risk, but is there any software that does attempt to scale up. Alien Skin makes software called BLOW UP for photoshop. Works fantastic. Is there anything for video like this? Just in case things do fall apart in some spots. And this is my novice-ness showing through. From what I have read in all my searchings, does Premiere actually do something similar when you render? Meaning, does it try to reinterpret the data for the bigger size? I wasn't sure if it simply meant when it was scaling down, or if it worked both ways or if I even understood what it was referring to.

Thanks so much.

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Alex Udell
Re: Scaling a sequence up to 4K
on May 16, 2016 at 3:27:34 pm


couple of suggestions....

1) After Effects has a detail preserving scale effect, might be worth a look.

2) if you are in control of the gfx....I'd go ahead and design at the destination that case the only thing that's losing quality is the grainy video and not the design elements.

As far as the aspect ratios not being the same are concerned...2 choices...pan and scan or at the final resolution means you get to choose...and even choose per shot...

How long is the project?

I think the workflow would be get the edit selects as a sequence cut and agreed upon in PPro.... as a the destination resolution....

then import that sequence into After Effects and do your remaining work there....

your final will be one long movie file at the destination resolution....

Alex Udell
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Dominick Santise
Re: Scaling a sequence up to 4K
on May 16, 2016 at 10:09:25 pm

Thanks Alex,

I'll check out the AE detail preserving scale effect. Great to know about. Haven't come across that yet.

Yes, I am in control of the entire project, which is 1:45. I'll test it out and see what works the best.

Thanks again

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