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Doozy of an editing problem

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Jonathan Adams
Doozy of an editing problem
on Feb 29, 2016 at 12:43:54 pm

Hi folks.

I have a pice of HD footage (one file) which is a "save" from an otherwise disaster. It's a live capture from a mixer rig and so already contains cuts and dissolves - the original camera footage is lost. The quality of the image is actually very good, but I need to try and reframe a few shots and so zoom in a little (and actually apply a matte here and there too).
The problem is that the "two" shots I'm dissolving between are in fact of course the same file.
And because they emulate the two cameras that originally shot them, the adjustment for each is different (one was from stage left and the other stage right) and so the scale/zoom setting are different for each.

So by actually putting a cut between the existing dissolve and applying the zoom to each "half", then applying a PPR dissolve to mask the "jump" , I end up with four images.

There's also trouble with the mattes, as trying to time their fade in to match the cross dissolves has proven completely impossible so far (for me anyways).

I've been scratching my head over this for days, but if anyone has any ideas I would love to hear them.

Many thanks


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Jon Doughtie
Re: Doozy of an editing problem
on Feb 29, 2016 at 2:24:10 pm

Here's a couple of possibilities.

You could eliminate the dissolve. This would require you to slightly extend each shot by slowing each down a little bit, if you need to maintain the total length of both shots. I understand this may not be a practical solution, depending on what is happening in and with your footage.

Treat the two shots as one shot in Premiere. To adjust the degree of zoom, simply place keyframes at the beginning and end of the dissolve. The zoom may then appear to be part of the transition effect to the viewer who doesn't know any better.

Finally, conceal the change with a transition to white or something similar. The folks at offer a free Transition Pack for Premiere Pro. It is a stripped-down version of their full pack, but offers a good set of tools to have in the Premiere Pro Effects tab. Go to "plug-ins", select "TransitionPack 1" and click on "download demo" at the bottom of the page. They are fully functional without watermarks, and one of these might help "conceal" what you have to do here.

Hope this helps!

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Jonathan Adams
Re: Doozy of an editing problem
on Feb 29, 2016 at 6:17:38 pm

Hi Jon and many thanks for your input.
I think if I this was a live music event those plugins might really do the rick, so thanks for the tip.

However this is a "dry" piece with a single presenter talking to a theatre audience.
Brilliant idea of hiding the zoom under the dissolve, so thanks for that too.
And that might almost have fixed the problem except that the reason I'm having to zoom in to begin with, is that the shot from one of the angles (stage right) was framed with a poster in shot that I'd really like to lose. This of course, shows up in both "halves" of the dissolve.
I've tried creating a matte and revealing a matched background underneath, but the poster ghost from the "other half" of the dissolve just keeps on showing through no matter what.

Ironically, the image is actually less important than the dialogue, but I don't have any other footage to play with.

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