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Couple of questions

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Nico Thulin
Couple of questions
on Feb 17, 2016 at 5:34:48 pm

I like Premiere a lot compared to Vegas so far, but here are some thought and hopefully they have answers:

1. Clicking on the timeline. Is it possible that clicking on the timeline would move the blue marker there? Now instead, I need to always drag the timeline to it's place rather than clicking around the timeline for it to move. Also, when pressing space to re-watch footage, when pressing space again the marker should move to the place I started from, not stay there. Because of this, when cutting video or audio, I need to constantly jump back and forth moving the marker and re-watching until I can take a guess where to cut it.

2. The whole Premiere layout is too dark. Even with the brightest layout setting, it's hard to distinguish where the scroll bars are, where the edges of the timeline are and where the zoom portions of the scroll bars lie. Is there any way to make the layout more helpful?

3. This fact is also made more difficult because of the previous problem. The timeline is split into two timelines, video and audio. I'm using a 2k resolution and the timelines are extremely clunky and small in vertical size. Is there any way to just use one timeline for both audio and video, and not separate ones? Because of the layout being so dark and hard to read, it's very difficult to see where the video timeline ends and where the audio one starts. Often the middle section of both timelines just make it more confusing.

4. Is there no way to click and drag layers? It seems like the most simple thing to have, yet is missing from Premiere. What I also liked in Vegas was the ability to click and drag from the edges of clips to create a simple transition, I don't see that in Premiere.

5. Whenever pasting multiple clips with audio, and if they happen to overlap, the audio that was added later just overwrites the previous audio and doesn't even ask if it's ok. Often times I import a clip, move it to the timeline and find out it deleted some other clips audio. Same thing happens if two clips overlap, it just deletes the other clips data all together, instead of overlapping the two clips.

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Alex Udell
Re: Couple of questions
on Feb 17, 2016 at 6:05:18 pm
Last Edited By Alex Udell on Feb 17, 2016 at 6:05:59 pm


1) click the time ruler not the timeline area

2) Nope, not that I know of.

3) Nope, just a different way of working. can't keep vid and audio layed out together.

4) a) no layers are fixed, clips are dragged
4) b) no...users from Vegas have indicated this a lot.

5) this really goes along with 4b -- PPro and most video NLE's don't have same track non destructive edits. when an object is removed, the other object does not retain it's previous continuity. They data is not gone, but it would have to be retrimmed. You should checkerboard edit between tracks if this is important to you.

They do listen to feature requests make some noise if it's impotant to you....

Hope that helps...

Alex Udell
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