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Adobe Premiere Pro "Media pending" glitch in the export

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Jim Turner
Adobe Premiere Pro "Media pending" glitch in the export
on Dec 10, 2015 at 2:07:40 pm

Hi all. This glitch has been driving me mad for hours. When exporting to h264, 99% of the video is fine, but for a split second near the end, 3 assets all show "Media pending" in the export (screenshot attached), accompanied with an audio hiccup. The video plays fine in the timeline.

These are export settings I use all the time, and assets that I've used before. Nothing is weird in the timeline; it's a pretty straightfoward edit. And after that split second, all three assets pop in and everything is fine again.

This happens when exporting with AME; when I try to export with PPro, it actually crashes when it hits that spot in the export process. Computer is OS X Yosemite, with plenty of RAM and CPU horsepower.

Troubleshooting that I've tried:

  • Deleting cache and render files

  • Restarting the computer

  • Updating Premiere Pro CC 2015 to 9.1.0

  • Forcing that section to pre-render in the timeline

  • Copying entire sequence to a fresh timeline

  • Nesting the problematic section

  • Monkeying with different export settings (CBR/VBR, bitrate, h265)

  • Moving the entire sequence down the timeline (so it starts at 8:00:00 instead of 00:00:00, thereby avoiding the troublesome 6:18:00 spot)

  • Jedi mind trick

  • The best part is that if I export only 10 seconds right around the glitch, it's fine. So I know the assets are fine, and in order to troubleshoot I have to export the entire thing. (This is also why I tried moving the sequence within the timeline).

    Any thoughts? I am completely out of ideas.


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    Merlin Vandenbossche
    Re: Adobe Premiere Pro "Media pending" glitch in the export
    on Dec 10, 2015 at 5:18:11 pm

    Hey Jim,

    We once had a very persistent thing like this involving audio. Timeline would play fine, but every export this one file went missing (like 'pending'). I believe our eventual workaround was to transcode the piece of media so it would become a new piece of media (in case of this audio just from WAV to WAV actually). Then re-import and re-edit it in (I believe we did manually re-edit, not relink).

    Maybe premiere does not recognize the header/start of this clip (anymore) during exporting and thinks it pending/offline. So maybe another instance (re-encoded) would. Good luck!


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    Jim Turner
    Re: Adobe Premiere Pro "Media pending" glitch in the export
    on Dec 10, 2015 at 6:04:32 pm

    Thanks, Merlin!

    I just tried something similar, which still failed to fix the problem. I didn't go as far as transcoding the assets, but here's what I did:

  • Created a new, empty sequence from scratch

  • Copy/pasted most of the timeline, up to a little bit before the glitch

  • Duplicated the 3 assets on the hard drive and imported into Premiere

  • Manually rebuilt the entire ending with the duplicated assets, using different in-points

  • All that, and still the same problem. Right now I'm taking a different approach, and I'm just deleting the assets one at a time and trying the export, to see if I can determine which one is causing the problem. Will post again if I find a solution.

    Thanks again!

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    Jim Turner
    Re: Adobe Premiere Pro "Media pending" glitch in the export
    on Dec 10, 2015 at 8:17:00 pm

    Well, this is just a nightmare. I've decided it's cursed.

    Long story short, I determined which asset was causing the problem by deleting things until an export worked. Then, after several iterations, I eventually replaced that video asset with a still image -- and it STILL happens. It's as if simply having three things in that particular configuration on the screen causes the glitch. It makes absolutely no sense.

    Nevertheless, the only solution I have found is to remove one of the assets entirely and reconfigure the screen with only 2 assets. It doesn't seem to matter which 2 I keep -- as long as there are only 2.

    If anyone can provide some insight, I would love to know what is actually happening. But for now, I can't keep screwing with this, so this is now the final version.

    Thanks again, Merlin, for your help!

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