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Premiere to/from Resolve Workflow Headache

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Gustavo Pastorino
Premiere to/from Resolve Workflow Headache
on Nov 6, 2015 at 2:52:00 am

Hello all, thanks in advance,

First of all, I searched a lot this and several websites. Sorry to make another topic about it.

I've been color correcting a project with multi camera/frame rates and it's been a long run. After all my efforts and learnings I am now cornered by the workflow on two different levels. It's been very frustrating and I did a lot of re-dos. Now I really need some advise, as all suggested workflows don't seem to work and my time is running out.

Hope it's not too confusing, as I have two different problems. My workflow consists into editing the proxy in premiere, grading in resolve and reimporting graded media into premiere for effects, titles, etc..

We worked with the following media:

- 5D Mark III ML RAW 47.952 fps. 1600x540 and 1728x584 (need to be streched by 1.67)
- 5D Mark III ML RAW 23.976 fps. 1920x1080
- 5D Mark III 23.976 and 29.970 fps. 1920x1080.
- 5D Mark III 59.940 fps. 1280x720.
- 5D Mark II 23.976 fps. 1920x1080.
- DJI Inspire 23.976 fps. 4096x2160.
- GoPro 59.940 fps. 1920x1080 and 2704x1520.
- Timelapses 23.976 fps. 1920x1080.

First I imported the media into Resolve, changed all frame rates to 23.976 and exported the proxy. The sizing option is set to Center Crop With no Rescale so I could match the sizing information coming back from Premiere XML.

Then on Premiere the clip was edited and resized. 4k clips were rescaled to around 50%, cropping a little the side borders. 5D RAW 47.952 clips were rescaled by 120% and then stretched by 1.67%. Everything was perfect on a 1920x1080 23.976 fps timeline.

When I imported the XML into Resolve, as said in the LOG.txt when exported by premiere, the rescale information was OK, but not the stretching on the 47.976 footage neither the horizontal flip. I tried two different ways, Scale with "Uniform Scale" unchecked, so I could stretch it and with "Transform > Scale Height". Both ways didn't work, so I manually stretched into resolve Edit page.

That way, when I export the media and XML (Final Cut Pro Roundtrip deliver) everything is perfect.

Now, my problem is:

He made several cross dissolves with specific custom alignments. When I import the XML into Resolve, the alignments are lost as he only understands duration. They are also lost when I reimport it on Premiere, I don't know why the XML is not preserved.

The solution would be exporting Masters and relinking into Premiere, but I did different gradings into some same clips, so this would mess up my grading.

When I manually relink exported media (not the masters) into the original Premiere timeline, it works perfectly with the 'ins and outs', but it's again a big problem when the same clip is used more than once. This would be solved if I manually unlink and relink the file, but it would take too long as the project is very big. Also, when doing this way, my resizing into Resolve adds up to the resizing by premiere and I would have to carefully take off the effects so it remains OK. This would also take too long. I could research a sizing only flat pass on resolve deliver, but this would not solve my relink problem into the original timeline.

There seems not to be a way to manually copy all the cross dissolves from original timeline into the imported one, and they are all different from each other, but size.

I'm leaning towards adding manually all transitions. (That's why I chose Premiere forum and not Resolve).

Thanks a lot, any help will be greatly appreciated.

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