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Adrian Fach
PluralEyes Workflow
on Nov 4, 2015 at 4:58:42 pm

Hello Forum!

I searched a lot on the Internet, but were for some reason unable to find the right solution for me.
I want to edit my new short film which will be about 15 Minutes long and we recorded with dual system audio.
Sadly I forgot to make an editors sheet were I would write down which shot would correspond to which audio file.
I want to use PluralEyes 3.5 to Sync my audio to video and it works just great. But I have a problem with the workflow. I don't want all my clips to be in the timeline already when I am trying to edit because I find that very annoying. I only need the Video files with replaced Audio in my projekt folder. But if I export the clips with replaced audio directly from PluralEyes, the files will be of low quality and not fitting for later color correction. If I export a XML I only get a timeline with replaced audio. If I edit the clips first and then send them to PluralEyes the program won't let me add any new audio files.

I am really out of ideas and I hope you guys can help me.
Btw. sorry for any mistakes, but English is not my first language.

Thank you in advance :)

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Jon Frost
Re: PluralEyes Workflow
on Nov 4, 2015 at 11:52:31 pm

PC or MAC? What format is your video and audio in? Remember that some 'containers' have to be Conformed prior to editing in the timeline. It is also a great idea to locate your Media Cache and Media Cache Database within your Project folder. That way, you only have to Conform clips once.

I would strongly suggest you put together a listing of your video clips by Scene & Take # - Good takes.
Do the same thing for your audio files from your dual system audio.

The more organized your file structure is in the first place, the easier to locate a particular file late at night after a 12 hour day in the edit bay...

Plural Eyes is a great app. However, I usually only include the GOOD assets for a given Scene, or Scene & Take# at one time. Many times, I see folks trying to bite off more than they should at one time. Youtube has a video of a guy trying to sync up over 200 clips at one time... and it failed miserably... "It seemed like a good idea at the time." "Slow and steady winds the race."

I would recommend checking out some of the tutorials on YT regarding Plural Eyes Workflow for PC or Mac --- and Merging Clips after running clips through Plural Eyes and BEFORE editing.

Check the boxes in the Sync Menu for Plural Eyes as follows:

Check - Allow Changes in Clip Order
Check - Correct Audio Drift
Level Audio --- UNCHECK -( I always work out audio mixing with original files outside of Plural Eyes)
Check - Try Really Hard

If you are working with something like 5-10 clips for a given scene at one time, you can check for errors in case something goes sideways. I make a new Sequence for each Scene or Scene/Take# depending on how many takes were recorded. If you want, make a Sequence for each Scene as you work though your video clips. "Save Early and Often" as you move through your original media.

Once a particular Scene has been Conformed if necessary and external audio imported to the Timeline and the Sequence has been run through Plural Eyes, now is the time to Merge the Synced Video and 2 System audio files and name the sequence for the Scene or Scene/Take # in a new Folder called Merged Clips.

I wish you all jute best with the Postproduction on your project.

Jon Frost
Easthampton MA

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Adrian Fach
Re: PluralEyes Workflow
on Nov 5, 2015 at 9:13:05 am

Thank you a lot for your help!

I am using Windows 10 and the Video Files are from a GH4(.mp4) do I have to conform that to somethig else like ProRes? Or would that only be for Mac? The Audio is from a H6 Zoom (.wav).

Right now I have the Media Cache and Database on my System Drive because it is an SSD. Should I change that?

The syncing itself works great for me. Almost no errors at all.

I defenetly will make a list of shots and audio like you suggested and the Sequenze per Scene idea is good too. But is there really no way at all to edit say a scene first with only the screch audio, then send it to PluralEyes, put the fitting audio in and let it sync the audio to the video? I mean without changing the position of the video clips to not screw up the edit.
That would be such a perfekt way for me to work.

Thank you in andvance!

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Jon Frost
Re: PluralEyes Workflow
on Nov 14, 2015 at 1:37:02 am


You can PM me at or call - 413-348-0591 M-S 11am - 9pm...

Jon Frost
Easthampton MA

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