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Premiere CS6 doesn't recognized stitched proxy file

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Kell Smith
Premiere CS6 doesn't recognized stitched proxy file
on Oct 27, 2015 at 2:39:55 am
Last Edited By Kell Smith on Oct 27, 2015 at 11:47:52 am

I'm trying to do a proxy edit to save space on my drive (limited and have several projects going). I have several AVCHD cards which are quite beefy in size and would like to export out smaller files, then relink later.
Premiere sees the single MTS files, but not the stitched file.

Here's what I've done so far:

1)Created a Premiere project and imported in MTS files with full file structure under AVCHD.
2)Closed out the project.
3) In Adobe Media Encoder, exported the clips to h.264, 640x 360,29.97,square pixels,NTSC, profile main, level 3.1, VBR 1 pass. Target bitrate 3, max bitrate 6. Audio is AAC, 48000 Hz, Stereo,quality high, bitrate 192. (Unchanged from codec). Multiplexer mp4, stream compatibility standard.
4)In the Finder, put the originals in their own folder, under BDMV, and renamed it STREAM.source. (along with xmp files).
5)Put the mp4 files, now renamed with MTS file extension via Automator, in the STREAM folder (also along with xmp files).
6)Opened the project and let the files link.

It sees everything fine, except for the last three files which are stitched together. The project does work properly with the original MTS files.

If it matters, I've also noticed there are no xmp files for the last three but presumed that is because they were stitched together.

Does anyone know how to correct this issue, or have a solution for proxy editing MTS files that works? (And before someone says it, yes I know I can buy a new drive, and yes I know CC is wonderful, but I am looking for a solution to fix this with what I have).

Thank you!

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Kell Smith
Re: Premiere CS6 doesn't recognized stitched proxy file
on Oct 27, 2015 at 3:08:26 pm

Anyone out there? help...? thx

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Kell Smith
Re: Premiere CS6 doesn't recognized stitched proxy file
on Oct 29, 2015 at 3:21:36 am
Last Edited By Kell Smith on Oct 31, 2015 at 2:06:48 am

Ok, it appears that I am talking to myself in here. Hence the echo. However, I wanted to post back in case someone has this issue in the future.
I exported the source MTS files as Mpeg 2s, put them in the stream folder along with the new xmp files, and it is recognizing them.
Settings I used were
ntsc, 640x360,29.97, quality 3.1,progressive VBR, 1 pass, min 4.00, target bit rate 10.42,
audio mpeg 1, 224 kbps, 48 khz, 16 bit, dual channel mode

A shot in the dark but seems to be working.
If anyone ever visits the thread and has a better recommendation please post it.

However, this only brought this file size down from 7.98 to 4.24, which is still too large, so I'll probably tweak the settings for a lower size on the next card. There are three and two of them are much larger.

I'll post back if anything changes and any problems come up in the edit or export. Otherwise, you can safely assume if I don't post back in a week or two that all is well.

>EDIT< I was able to bring the file size of the proxies down somewhat, but in the end decided to just edit with the source AVCHD and eat the drive space. Just for simplicity's sake. So not sure if this would have worked properly or not, but it looks like it would since the files were recognized.

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Chris Keller
Re: Premiere CS6 doesn't recognized stitched proxy file
on Nov 29, 2015 at 5:31:29 am

Yeah, this isn't a popular topic with Premiere. ClipWrap (an application, $40 I think) can re-wrap your MTS file, but it can also "join" two MTS file streams into one large piece. Saves time in editing. Before I discovered it, I would just nest a complete timeline sequence of streams.

As far as transcoding for proxy editing, Premiere isn't exactly great at it either. Again, ClipWrap will output a new editing format (422, HDV, DNx, XDCAM, etc.), or you can rewrap only, then use Media Encoder for whatever you want.
Remember, converting for uncompressed proxy editing (like with NTSC) is basically trading less CPU/GPU decompression stress for more disk space if you're coming from an already uncompressed format, converting to an uncompressed proxy probably isn't the best way to handle it. If you don't mind the extra CPU usage, you can push your mts streams to h264 and proxy edit with that.

This is basically a plug for ClipWrap. Sorry if you're a hater, or if this is outdated. Haven't used it recently.

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