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Premiere 2019 Lag, should i switch to Resolve 15, or CPU upgrade?

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Joshua Pulido
Premiere 2019 Lag, should i switch to Resolve 15, or CPU upgrade?
on Jul 15, 2019 at 12:42:06 am

Premiere Pro CC 2019 is running horribly slow, like if I move a clip
on the timeline one frame over, or turn on or off an effect like
curves, or even move the scrubber once through the timeline, the
computer sits there and I have to wait at least 10 seconds before
anything happens. This has caused me to edit this short 8 minute film
for the past 3 weeks doing 16 hour days constantly waiting for this
slow timeline to do anything.
I'm asking, if I should switch to DaVinci Resolve (because I heard
the GPU Acceleration is better and actually works, and overall more
optimized than Adobe)
In Premiere Pro, every time I try to play the timeline with CUDA on
(GPU Acceleration) It gives me an error like (ERROR: Cannot produce
Or if I try to export anything with CUDA on, it gives me an error like
(ERROR: Error compiling movie. Accelerated Render Error)
So I'm forced to use "Software Only" for horribly slow playback in the
timeline and exporting, which is making my GTX 1080 ti useless, just
sitting there unused.

Or should I upgrade my i7 6700k to a i9 9900k. My 6700k is always at
100% on the task manager, although I don't think that's accurate
because on other programs like HW Monitor, it shows 9% or something

And my RAM usually sits at 60% usage so I know that isn't the problem.

So should I upgrade my CPU from 6700k to 9900k, or even one of those
Ryzens? Let me know what processor you recommend for a workstation PC
trying to edit and export constant 4K Short Films.
Or should I just switch editing programs from Premiere CC 2019 to Resolve 15?


Footage from Sony a6500 4K (100 Megabits/Sec)

Core i7 6700k 4GHz
NVIDIA Geforce GTX 1080 ti
24GB Crucial DDR4 RAM
Samsung 500GB SSD
Windows 10

Thank you!

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Merlin Vandenbossche
Re: Premiere 2019 Lag, should i switch to Resolve 15, or CPU upgrade?
on Jul 15, 2019 at 7:14:27 am

Hey Josh,

Native H.264 4K will always get your computer to struggle with playback, even on beter hardware than yours. An even on Resolve. A better workflow would be to transcode to an I-frame only codec for smoother playback and scrubbing, say DNxHD or ProRes. That always will improve your experience.

That being said: it is not normal operation for CUDA not to work or for even H.264 4K to cause the program to freeze with standard handling. So I suggest you to also look into other issues than just the codec. I think a 6700K is fine to handle this kind of work normally. (obviously a 9900k would be better)

So try the following things, preferably all of them: do so in a clean project without any data in it.

- Reset preferences and plugins: holding down SHIFT+ALT while launching the app or clean project. Remember to check your preferences and change them again after resetting. Including your keyboard layout.

- Delete the cache files and databases: Premiere will then regenerate these files.

- If your project was an update of an old project from CC18: create a clean new project in CC19 and re-import your old one (through the import dialogue).

- Update your GPU drivers to the latest, this should fix your CUDA hopefully: It is a good idea to follow Nvidia's new and slower development 'creator ready' drivers.

These drivers work for my 1080ti.

Good luck!

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