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Blue Screen of Death with PP but every other programs works fine.

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William Reliford
Blue Screen of Death with PP but every other programs works fine.
on Mar 25, 2019 at 1:35:54 am

I am migrating to a new workstation including my creative cloud products. This is not my first time building a system. Everything worked and played well on the previous workstation. My migration is nearly complete to the new workstation but Adobe Premiere and After Effects are giving me the Blue Screen of Death (Stop code: WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR).

The two systems are essentially identical in terms of software and plugins. I am only having BSD issues with PP and AE.

In Premiere Pro in particular, I can load old projects and clips. But if I tried to trim clips or put new clips in the timeline, I get the Blue Screen of Death (BSD).

Resetting, I cleared the cache files and PP starts recreating the peak files and it freezes and went into the Blue Screen of death.

PP will open and I can add clips to the bins. I can even scrub clips in the source and program panels. But when I move clips to the time line and move the play head—BSD!

I would start a fresh and new project and populate it with video clips. Put video clips on the timeline—Blue Screen of Death.

Okay, perhaps the video clips are bad or corrupted. I would use different video clips on a new fresh project. When I put them on the timeline—BSD!

The clips are .mp4 and .mov. All work fine in the old system us PP.

I reset PP to its default parameters, no difference

I did an uninstall and new install of PP, no difference.

I moved where PP puts its cache files (also delete or clear them), no difference.

I even tried dumbing down the preference and switch to software rendering only, no difference.

I check the error logs for PP and there isn’t one there.

I check Windows Event Viewer error logs and there are no application errors.

Windows System logs indicates “The Dependency service or group failed to start”.

There are no device errors in Windows.

I checked the video clips in other programs such as Fusion Studio, Quicktime Player and Windows Media Player and they open fine and do not give me the BSD when scrubbing through the clips.

I am running the lasted Nvidia Drivers. I even rolled back the drivers to several previous version including the version on my old workstation and still I get BSD.

About the two systems:

The old system

Window 10 (latest build)

i7 4770k (No overclocking)

Asus Sabertooth Mother Board

32gig Ram

2 Samsung One Terabyte SSD (one for the system and one for Cache files)

2 GTX 1080ti ( Nvida Drivers 417.35)

3 two Terabyte hard drive striped in RAID O.


New system:

Windows 10 Pro

i9 9980 CPU (No overclocking)

Asus WS X299 Sage Mother Board (Latest BIOS)

128 gig of RAM

2 one terabyte Samsung m.2 SSD (one for system and one for cache files)

2 GTX 1080ti (latest Nvida Drivers 419.67) Note these are the same two cards from the old machine.

3 four terabyte hard drives striped as RAID 0

The software on the two machines are identical since I am migrating to this new machine. However the new machine is running Windows 10 Pro and the old machine is just Windows 10. There were not any software conflict with PP and AE (Creative Cloud Suite) on the old machine and a far as I can tell no software conflict on the new machine. Some of the software are:

Mocha Pro

Fusion Studio

QuickTime Player (quicktime codecs)



Norton Security (Disabled while trouble shooting)

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Todd Perchert
Re: Blue Screen of Death with PP but every other programs works fine.
on Mar 25, 2019 at 3:25:02 pm

Happening only with PPro and AE? What is your cpu temp running?
What I got from a quick search is that this is hardware issue, or maybe sys file issue. Could be overheating cpu.

Start simple. Check your cpu temp. If that is going up before BSD, then check cpu and cooling. If that's all good, reseat RAM and cards. If that's all good, then you may need to try doing a clean install of your OS again.

But, this doesn't sound like an Adobe issue.

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William Reliford
Re: Blue Screen of Death with PP but every other programs works fine.
on Mar 25, 2019 at 7:04:59 pm

Thanks for your response. Yes, it is only happening with PP and AE. I also run Maya and Houdini on this machine running sims to test the cpu (no overclocking yet) and no BSoD. I am beginning to suspect that it isn't an AE or PP issue but there is something about the two that is triggering the crash. I ran a memory test last night and everything is fine with the memory. The CPU temps are fine too. 78c under load. The CPU is water cooled by a 360mm radiator.

I saw a post about PP and AE needing more voltage per core. I did some initial overclocking tweaking today and it seems that PP and AE is working as expected so far. I didn't really push the overclocking envelop that much at this point. We'll have to see. Not having much fun with this build.

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