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Using Premiere CC and scaling. No chart to correlate percentage shown to actual pixels?

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David Watson
Using Premiere CC and scaling. No chart to correlate percentage shown to actual pixels?
on Mar 10, 2019 at 9:19:00 am

Finally going to ask this instead of always letting numbers swirl in my head because I don't know formulas ...

Redundant rant first, then question: Why is Premiere scaling only ever shown as a percentage and never a pixel count?

Drives me crazy when I want to scale something and want to crop out exactly the number of extra pixels I have! Where on the webs is a chart?

Worse, if you set to frame (NOT Scale to frame, that rasterizes to sequence settings) on your source footage, on your multicam timeline everything shows as 100%, whether you had at 1080, 2.7K, 4K etc. Numbers bouncing everywhere!

Question: Will someone please check my numbers?

I usually produce on a 1080 timeline but for scaling reasons I am doing this project on 720p.

So on my Nested 720p timeline, some multicamera source files were put in as "set to frame" but that timeline is 1080, So:
-- 2.7k displays the full frame if I scale out about 71%, currently displays cropped at 100 percent, but I believe it can go to 130% before pixels are thrown out?
-- 1080i (NOT set to frame) footage is full frame at 66.7 percent, and crops at 100 but without lost pixels?
(But if I use Set to frame on the nested it would have a different set of numbers, right? Let's not go there.

Extra credit:

This question was precipitated by a theater shoot where I didn't start my wide angle back of house camera for twenty minutes into the second act (accidentally left it on after the first act, toggled it off for Act 2 then noticed later.)

But I have two GoPros angled in from stage left and right (2.7k, Medium setting*) in addition to a lead camera zooming in on most action. So I think their coverage will work for the big dance sequences, and give me nice left right angles for the "smaller" scenes. Hence the 720p timeline: from 2.7, instead my usual 30 percent crop I can get a nice tight medium shot. Then I don't have to reshoot the show, plus I get to learn something for future use!

I could really go crazy because I am delivering this on DVD (yes this far into the 20th century) but I am unwilling to shoot in HD and not at least make an HD edit and I am not doing two versions.

Thanks for any help!

(* Free tips: My Hero 4 shoots 4k which would give me SO many pixels, BUT it only shoots 4K in a wide mode, so I shoot in 2.7k which is really just the sensor crop. But now my camera doesn't overheat all the time either, so that's the real benefit. Also after my warranty ran out on the GoPros I adjusted the lenses with visegrips with turns of just a couple of millimeters, to tune the lens' center of focus further out, so sharpest wasn't arms length but more like 30 feet, much more suited to event photography. There's info on the webs for that, they say use pliers; carefully sized visegrips are smarter because if they slip they won't totally snap shut on your lens.

Wow I really don't want to go back to editing so I keep writing....

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greg janza
Re: Using Premiere CC and scaling. No chart to correlate percentage shown to actual pixels?
on Mar 11, 2019 at 12:29:19 am
Last Edited By greg janza on Mar 11, 2019 at 12:36:10 am

Sorry you're feeling frustrated. Not sure why Premiere doesn't offer a pixel count display but for most scenarios it's un-necessary.

Set to frame should be used for any media that is larger than the timeline setting so that you can zoom without losing image quality.

All other framing decisions can be dealt with by eyeballing and determining if the resize is allowable.

Your main issue is really with the DVD delivery. That's preventing you from delivering a high quality master. My first steps would be to explain to the client that they are sacrificing way too much quality by using the DVD format and perhaps together come up with an alternative delivery spec.

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