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Working with a remote editor

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Joel Conder
Working with a remote editor
on Nov 25, 2018 at 9:43:57 pm

Im a youtuber and I've started working with a remote editor and I'm looking for a way to streamline our workflow. Im hoping someone might be able to offer up some suggestions.. Thanks!

I Shoot the video in 4k on Fs5
import into FCPX, do a rough cut (basically take out the really bad stuff)
I grade the footage and do an audio EQ (i have a specific set of luts and colour corrections a copy and paste)
Export the video in 4k (we keep in 4k so the editor has some room to scale/zoom in on an HD timeline, which is a lot of the time)
I use wetransfer to send the 4k file to my editor (file size is usually around 13gb for 25 min video)
he edits it in premiere pro and sends back to me.
I review and upload to youtube.

Ideally Id like to remove me as the bottle neck and send the card files to the editor but the files are so big it would take so long to upload and download. we usually have around 30 mins or more of footage) Plus I have the grade set just how I like it FCPX and he works in pp so it wouldn't be that straight forward to replicate in PP but its not impossible. So i figure If i need to encode the files to smaller size i may as well import to FCPX and copy and paste grade & EQ but it takes time to import and then export and the upload.

Is there anything obvious you can see that would make this workflow more efficient?

Im not totally against using premier pro if it would help the situation, Ive heard they have a good collaboration feature using proxy files, but Im worried this could cause more back and forth if theres issues, where as sending a video file is more straight forward. also my editor wouldnt be able to switch to fcpx. As much as possible id like to remove myself from the process or cut down time I spend on it.

Thanks for any advice!

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Joby Anthony Jr
Re: Working with a remote editor
on Nov 26, 2018 at 7:15:26 pm

It sounds like your workflow is already fairly efficient, all things considered, if 1) mailing media cards isn't an option, and 2) you want to do all the color and audio.

Just thinking this through out-loud, but mailing the cards (or paying for high-speed file transfer solutions) would off-load everything to the remote editor with only a final to come back to you for review and posting. That would probably triple (or more?) the amount of time and storage they devote to the projects. You'd also have to trust their audio and color work.

Or, they just send the final back for your color and audio pass before posting.

A proxy workflow, I think, sounds like it really would only address the size of hand-off footage. That might make some parts of this efficient, but there's still the same amount of time devoted to off-loading the cards, storage organization, editing, color, audio. And then add on top of that time to create proxies.

If you went to Premiere, you could at least send them proxies, you keep the raw, and all that you send back and forth is the project file (once they have the proxies). Then you could work on color and audio while they work on the edit, and then you export the final. Just be sure to so some homework with a proxy workflow, and run a couple of tests. But, that "might" get you a file transfer less than the ~13 GB sent now.

Again, just thinking out loud here . . .

-- Joby.

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