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Footage skips and stutters with repeated frames.

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Andy Johnson
Footage skips and stutters with repeated frames.
on Oct 14, 2018 at 11:12:27 pm

Hi, It's my first time posting on Creative Cow so I apologise if this is a straightforward problem but I've tried a bunch of things to no avail so I'm turning to the experts.

The issue I have is that certain clip footage seems to stutter and skip when either played on the timeline or exported. It's almost like premiere is getting confused and adding in a random frame from earlier in the clip during playback. I have identified this by playing the clip frame by frame and seeing the out of sync frames.

I've uploaded a sample here:

If you go to around 2 seconds through the clip and play frame-by-frame using the < and > keys on youtube you should be able to see what I mean about repeated frames.

The clip is 50fps log footage, codec is MP4/MOV H.264 4:2:0 (Full Range) and it is being edited on a 25fps timeline, speed is at 50% for slow motion and clip has also been reversed. Shot on a Canon Mirrorless camera.

Here are some things that I've tried to fix the issue, with no luck:

  • Reduced the playback resolution.
  • Render and Replace the clip in question to the scratch disk. (This played back the footage as if it was 25p footage on a 25fps timeline played at 50% so super choppy slow-motion without the frames to support it).
  • Speed/Duration > (Played around with the Time Interpolation Method).
  • Replace Footage > (Re-imported the clip in question)
  • Modify Clip> Interpret Footage> (played around with all the field order options).
  • Nested the clip in another sequence with the same frame rate as the footage. (The footage stuttered in the new timeline whether it was reversed or not and even did it when the speed was at 100%).
  • I've examined the clip in the source monitor frame by frame and it repeates frames there as well, but when I open the clip in media player classic and examine frame by frame there are no repeated frames.

  • My Setup:
    I have a Alienware Aurora with an i7 8700K CPU, 32GB of RAM & a Geforce GTX 1080. I have a three SSD setup with the OS/Programs on the fastest SSD, the media and project files on an internal SSD and the scratch disk is on an external SSD connected via USB 3.1.
    Running Premiere Pro CC 2018 with the latest updates.

    Any advice or suggestions would be appreciated. Hopefully it's just something simple. Please let me know if you need any additional information.

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