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Audio Playback problem in Premiere CC 2017

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Helena Málaga
Audio Playback problem in Premiere CC 2017
on Jun 7, 2018 at 3:19:05 pm

Hello everyone,

I'm having a problem with the audio playback in Adobe Premiere CC 2017. When I hit "play" to watch the video and audio to be able to edit it, the audio plays for a few seconds (10 seconds was the "max" I could hear while playing) and it keeps going on and off in various parts of the video.My video and audio codecs are all updated. I would like to know if anyone has ideas on what could be causing this, and how to solve this problem or, at least, minimize it.

Here are the "specs" of the computer I'm using and video information (respectively):

DELL (Notebook) Inspiron 5547-A10
Intel Core i5
Internal HD 1TB
Memory: 8GB
Operating System Windows 8.1

Profile: .mov
Size: 43.6GB
Codec: MP4 (Quicktime)
Resolution: 1920x1080
Audio Format: PCM
Audio Sample Rate: 48 kHz
Bit Depth: 16 bits
Channels: 2

Any ideas as to what could be causing the interruptions? I know it is not "ideal" to work with video on a laptop, but it's what I have available for the moment.

Thank you in advance for any help ☺

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Stuart Reid
Re: Audio Playback problem in Premiere CC 2017
on Jun 7, 2018 at 5:15:43 pm

Ensure that your soundcard is running at the same sample rate as the audio in the timeline. When working with video, audio should be 48kHz, most soundcards will default to 44.1kHz, meaning your computer has to do some resampling on the fly. If you're resampling and doing some heavy video playback at the same time your laptop could falter. Go to Preferences>Audio Hardware - check the sample rate then click on Settings to ensure your soundcard is set to the same setting.

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Helena Málaga
Re: Audio Playback problem in Premiere CC 2017
on Jun 7, 2018 at 6:11:52 pm

Hey Stuart, thank you for replying!

I checked the Settings for Premiere, as you told me, and the sample rate is set to 48 kHz. Then, checking the settings for the computer, it is also set to 48 kHz, but it was 24 bits. I tested and changed to 16 bits, but it didn't work ☹

My audio device is set to MME (I have the ASIO option, which I have already tested and it also didn't work).

Is there anything else I could try?

Thanks ☺

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Helena Málaga
Re: Audio Playback problem in Premiere CC 2017
on Jun 7, 2018 at 7:19:41 pm

Well, something weird just happened..."check this out":

I was searching the internet for possible solutions to this issue, and, among other search tabs I had opened on my Firefox, there was my Facebook, Gmail, Netflix. Now, I also had opened other tabs to test (and used each of them). I began to close each of them to see what could happen, meanwhile, the Premiere video was on playback, no sound, because as I said before, what I tried for the soundcard didn't work. When I closed my Facebook page, the sound came back on!!!

I closed the other tabs and reopened each one, so I could test, and when I opened my Facebook page the sound started going on and off again! I believe that this has something to do with memory usage (or am I wrong?), but what I don't understand is why it stopped once I closed one specific tab. Is there anything I could do to minimize this issue?

And, does that mean that it's not going to be possible to use "the internet" while I'm editing? Is this weird or what?

I'm sorry for all of these doubts and thank you for all your help ☺

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Jon Doughtie
Re: Audio Playback problem in Premiere CC 2017
on Jun 11, 2018 at 2:17:52 pm

One possibility - are you trying to play very soon after adding the clip to the timeline? PPro may still be conforming the audio.

Another possibility - have you done any recent Adobe upgrades? If so, delete all media cache files. This is particularly true if you have media you know has audio, but PPro shows it as video-only.

Dell Precision T7600 (x2)
Win 7 64-bit
Adobe CC 2017.1 (as of 8/2017)
256GB SSD system drive
4 internal media drives RAID 5
Typically cutting short form from UHD MP4, HD MP4, and HD P2 MXF.

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Helena Málaga
Re: Audio Playback problem in Premiere CC 2017
on Jun 11, 2018 at 4:05:43 pm

Hey Jon, thank you for the reply!

About what you wrote:

Possibility one: I tried playing it several times after the conforming process. I only start working with the files after the confirming process is done, actually. Everything was properly "conformed" and ready to play.

Possibility two: I actually updated my codecs, not PPro. I did delete all the media cache files but the problem persisted. Oddly enough, it only stopped when I did what I mentioned before, closed the Facebook page. I'll try to run the update process for PPro to check if that had something to do with it.

But anyway, the problem stopped once I closed my Facebook tab, and it has been working fine since.

Thanks for the help ☺

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