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How do you export Multi-Channel Embedded Video with Adobe Premiere Pro cc v12.1.1?

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Ron Khoury
How do you export Multi-Channel Embedded Video with Adobe Premiere Pro cc v12.1.1?
on May 22, 2018 at 8:05:16 pm

Hi and thank you for responding to this.

I'm trying to Export a final product for a client on premiere.
Usually most clients request the texted pass with Stereo L/R and the textless with Dialogue/Sfx/Music on separate tracks externally(.wav).

This client wants the Textless Dialogue/Sfx/Music embedded in the video so when the re-import the prores file the right tracks will just come on and they wouldn't have to sync. Very understandable but a little tricky with Premiere.

Can someone plz share a link or type up the correct way to going about doing that?


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Alan Okey
Re: How do you export Multi-Channel Embedded Video with Adobe Premiere Pro cc v12.1.1?
on May 22, 2018 at 10:52:45 pm
Last Edited By Alan Okey on May 22, 2018 at 10:55:43 pm

Multichannel audio in Premiere Pro can be a bit tricky, as both the editing sequence and the output settings must be properly configured.

The first and most important rule is to create a sequence with multichannel audio, as opposed to stereo audio (the default). A sequence with stereo audio cannot be changed to a multichannel sequence after it has been created (this is different from some other editing applications, such as Final Cut Pro 7 and earlier). Therefore, if you have already edited your project using a stereo sequence, you will need to create a new multichannel sequence and copy and paste all of the content from your original sequence into the new multichannel sequence.

In this example, I am using the Arri 1080p 23.976 sequence template as a starting point. Your sequence settings may vary depending on content.

Once you have selected a template, click on the Tracks tab in the New Sequence window. In the Audio pane, change the Master type to Multichannel, and change Number of Channels to 6.

Next, click on the audio routing icon (indicated by the red circle in the above image) in the Output Assignments column for track Audio 1. The Track Output Channel Assignments window will open. Ensure that there is a check mark in the Audio 1 Track Channel column for Master Track Channel 1-2. This means that the track Audio 1, which is a stereo track, will have its output routed to channels 1-2 (left and right). Repeat this step for tracks Audio 2 and Audio 3, selecting channels 3-4 and 5-6, respectively. The image below shows the Track Output Channel Assignments windows for Audio 1, Audio 2 and Audio 3, in order:

Once you have finished assigning the audio routing, click OK to finish creating a new multichannel sequence. Choose Sequence Settings... from the Sequence menu. Your settings should look like this:

This example assumes that audio from your original sequence has been exported and mixed down in an external application to three stereo files, or "stems." If your audio hasn't been mixed in an external application and you have more than three tracks in your original sequence, you may add as many tracks as necessary to your multichannel sequence to accommodate copying and pasting all of the content from your original sequence. You will just need to make sure to change your audio channel routing for each track so that it is routed to the appropriate output channel pair (dialogue, SFX, or music).

To change audio routing for new tracks created in a multichannel sequence, open the Audio Track Mixer window and click on the track's Track Output Channel Assignment icon:

This will open the Track Output Channel Assignments window for that track.

Using this method, you can have as many tracks as necessary in your sequence and route the audio to one or more of the three master output channel pairs in your sequence (1-2, 3-4, 5-6). In your case, you may want to reserve output channels 1-2 for dialogue, 3-4 for SFX, and 5-6 for music.

You're not out of the woods yet. When you're ready to export your sequence to a video file, you will need to make sure that your output settings are correctly configured in the export window. In the Audio tab of the Export window, your settings should match the following image:

This export setting should result in a video file with three pairs of stereo audio tracks, or a total of six channels.

Hope this helps!

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Ron Khoury
Re: How do you export Multi-Channel Embedded Video with Adobe Premiere Pro cc v12.1.1?
on May 23, 2018 at 5:39:48 pm

Waw man. I did not expect a better answer than this!! You were so helpful and I really appreciate it! THat was very detailed and right on the money. It makes sense now...

Thank you so much Alan

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