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Multicamera Source Sequence Audio Issue

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Kevin Smock
Multicamera Source Sequence Audio Issue
on Apr 12, 2018 at 2:42:06 pm

I am desperately trying to get to the bottom of audio tracks/channels when it comes to creating Multicamera Source Sequences inside of Premiere.

I want to leave this thread as open for suggestion as possible, so I’ve attached screenshots and will walk you through them.

First, we have “Figure 01 - Sync Map Timeline.”

V1/A1 = Camera A / Stereo Track (Right? A “standard track” in Premiere is just a Stereo Track?)
V2/A2 = Camera B / Stereo Track (Again, right?! Stereo Track?)
A3 = Track 1 of External Audio
A4 = Track 2 of External Audio
A5 = Track 3 of External Audio

Shamefully, I must admit I kind of have no clue what’s going on with these green audio tracks that, as you can see, is just one clip.
I was told that the sound guy had one boom and one lav.
So, I expected one stereo track: Channel 1 being boom and Channel 2 being lav, or whatever.
Contrary to my expectations, I imported the files and found them inherently arriving in Premiere as files with 3 Mono Tracks.
…I just rolled with it.

I thought it would be wise to also include a screen capture of my Audio Channel configuration for the Sync Map Timeline.
So, please see “Figure 02 - Audio Channels For Sync Map Timeline.”

I suspect I’m getting into a lot of trouble here…

Then, I lasso this cluster of video and audio in the timeline > right click on the highlighted cluster in the timeline > and choose Make Subsequence.
I then find it in the Project Window, rename it, place it in a bin, etc.

Now, it’s time to edit this Subsequence into a ‘Rough Cut Timeline’ or whatever.

So, I place the Subsequence in the Source Monitor. Then, I right click inside of the Source Monitor > Multicamera > Enable.
Cool, I can see both my angles.

But then - and this time, not very cool - I have one Stereo Track that I assume is some sort of blend of all the five audio tracks I initially dealt with in the Sync Map Timeline?
I was hoping for all five audio tracks that were present at sync map phase…
The one video track is behaving exactly as I expect it to, that’s no issue at all.
Please see “Figure 03 - Multiclip Overwritten To A Sequence”

To clarify, the Audio Channel configuration for every Sequence/Subsequence turned Multicamera Source Sequence is the same as that of illustrated in Figure 02.
I’ve tried doing various things such as making my sync maps and multiclips a dozen variations of multichannel/mono and so on and so forth, but to no avail.

Looking forward to your responses, thanks very much for your time.

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