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premiere pro importing media questions

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Rick Neely
premiere pro importing media questions
on Mar 19, 2018 at 12:42:52 pm

Hey folks,

onsite to do an intense edit over next couple days and have some questions.

Editing on Premiere Pro. Shooters are giving me SD and CF cards with material ingest to edit. I need to import AND copy/ingest media, so I can give the cards back to them to continue shooting. They look to be shooting either AVCHD or MXF (depends on camera).

Also, please know I have tried ingesting by checking the ingest box in the Media browser tab, but (From my understanding), 'copy' will only transcode the .mts file and not the audio, and transcode will do both but make ProRes files which would likely be too large (for amount of video I'll be getting).

Taking in all this info and my reasonable limitations of drive space and time, what are your recommendations? Thanks in advance!


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Eric Merklein
Re: premiere pro importing media questions
on Mar 19, 2018 at 2:18:34 pm

Hi Rick.

Make life easy for yourself.

Make a bin for each camera (or how ever you wish to organize). Then just import to one bin at a time.

No trans coding, no extra anything.

You had better back these file to an external drive. ASAP.


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Yair Bartal
Re: premiere pro importing media questions
on Mar 19, 2018 at 4:37:22 pm

'copy' AVCHD files (mts files in a folder structure) will copy (including video and audio) and not transcode.

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Shane Ross
Re: premiere pro importing media questions
on Mar 19, 2018 at 5:42:46 pm

Yeah...what Yair said. DO NOT IMPORT INTO THE EDITING APP DIRECTLY FROM THE CARDS! You need to have a different need to be ARCHIVING on the set, not even using the NLE until the cards are backed up.

1) When a card is full, it needs to be handed to someone in charge of archiving that footage...a job typically handed by a DIT, Digital Imaging Technician. But it can be anyone who is available, and KNOWS what needs to be done. Card full, hand it to the DIT who is at a computer for offloading.

2) Create folders on archive drive that have the project name or initials, the date, the camera number (A, B, C if you have multiple cameras)...and then backup the FULL CARD FILE STRUCTURE to that folder. Everything. Don't pick and choose, archive EVERYTHING.

3) Archive it a second drive. This is really the best, most full proof method to ensure you don't lose hard drives can fail. Have a back up. As my boss says, "If it doesn't exist in at least two locations, it doesn't exist." As you will be reusing the cards, that location will go you need two hard drives. There is archiving software that will do this process Shotput Pro from Imagine Software.

4) Once the full card structure is backed up...then and ONLY then should you bring into the NLE. Either copy the card onto your media drive (Not the set archive drive...don't use that...that's your ARCHIVE drive...separate media drive) or transcode or link.

Low low budget workflow would be a bare minimum of the archive drive and separate drive for editing....IMHO

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Rick Neely
Re: premiere pro importing media questions
on Mar 19, 2018 at 6:44:49 pm

Thanks Guys.

I decided to get another HDD (and bill client). The idea of copying full folder root structure I understand and will do so. The new headache is the audio issue with Mac OS Sierra, Premiere 2018 and AVCHD files. I found a work around to get the audio for them. Just a headache of a show.

Again, Thanks for all your help.


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