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A way to speed up workflow replacing footage?

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Kell Smith
A way to speed up workflow replacing footage?
on Mar 10, 2018 at 2:35:26 pm
Last Edited By Kell Smith on Mar 10, 2018 at 5:47:32 pm

I'm recreating a project exactly, with new footage coming in through the media browser.
The reference clip (one long clip, not split clips) is on V1.
At each scene change on V1, I'd like to find the corresponding frame in the source footage in the media browser and drop it in on V2.

This seems like it should go quickly, but it's cumbersome and clunky. Right now I'm having to mouse toggle the eye icon on V2 off to see what's underneath.

- Finding the match frame in the footage from the media browser, in the source monitor, setting an in point, going to the timeline, setting an in and out, which takes time to shuttle through to find the next cut, then dropping it in with overwrite (B).
It was taking so long I went and pulled just the approximate clips and dropped those in the sequence in order on V2, so now I have to go trim them in a second step.

- Tried putting transparent video on V2, which allows me to see V1, pre-cut it at scene changes one by one, then find the frame and replace footage from the source monitor, which has footage loaded from the media browser. But that didn't add the audio.

- Is there any way to have V2 show in a different monitor, while turned off in the timeline so I can see down to V1?

Just wondering if anyone would have a different workflow that could speed this up. There is a lot of footage, time is of the essence and I'm working way too slowly. Snail slowly. Might as well be taking a nap.

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greg janza
Re: A way to speed up workflow replacing footage?
on Mar 10, 2018 at 6:16:11 pm

you're definitely doing it the hard way. Is it possible to get the original project file and relink media? Or is it possible to get an EDL of the original project sequence and import that and then relink?

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John Pale
Re: A way to speed up workflow replacing footage?
on Mar 10, 2018 at 6:46:05 pm

If you don't have the original project file, DaVinci Resolve Lite can cut up the master clip into individual shots. It has a very advanced shot change detector. You can then send the sequence to Premiere via AAF file.

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Kell Smith
Re: A way to speed up workflow replacing footage?
on Mar 10, 2018 at 7:06:49 pm

I wish the guide footage matched the source footage! If only it were relinkable or the original project was available - but it's not.
I have the guide footage, and a drive full of separate files with the source footage. So it will be necessary to find each in point on its source file. Thankfully I know the source footage well enough to find things.
No I/O.
Don't have resolve but I will check it out.
I've been turning off V2, so that V1 (locked) shows underneath. Then with the source footage loaded in the source monitor, setting an identical frame in, setting an out point, hitting B to overwrite it into the sequence. Then arrowing back in the timeline (which shows V1) to the first frame of the next scene, and repeating.
I greened the footage on V1 a bit to make it easier to distinguish which is which.

It's taking a loooooooooooong time. And it's a long project.

You know what's driving me nuts? More than one clip loads itself into the source monitor and I'll arrow over, and it switches to a previous clip or in point. Have to keep closing them out.

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Trevor Asquerthian
Re: A way to speed up workflow replacing footage?
on Mar 10, 2018 at 6:50:32 pm

1. If the source footage you are overcutting matches the guide footage can you modify timecode on guide to match and relink? Maybe export the cut as is first so you still have a guide to check against

2. Alternatively put your guide on V2 and make it 50% transparent, put new fortage on v1 and slip to sync until it matches

3. If you have an IO you can leave guide on v1, find approximate sync point for source in source monitor and use keyboard shortcut to toggle between program & source. Without IO you have to set PP to work in single monitor mode (even then it’s not as easy to sync)

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Gary Milligan
Re: A way to speed up workflow replacing footage?
on Mar 10, 2018 at 7:02:07 pm

Perhaps this link may be of some help:


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Kell Smith
Re: A way to speed up workflow replacing footage?
on Mar 11, 2018 at 5:03:39 pm

Thanks everyone for your links and suggestions. I'll experiment with them.
Had forgotten about the pancake editing in Premiere - it's been awhile. That's a nice feature.
One way or another this project will get finished.
At least you all feel my pain! It's sort of confirmed for me that yes, this is an intensive undertaking that may go more slowly than hoped.

Just crossing my fingers that Premiere doesn't flake out like it usually does, leaving me with a project named "Recovery copy of recovery copy of recovery copy of version 015."
In that unfortunate event, if the workflow I end up with is editing small cuts into my sequence, from a long source clip accessed from the media browser, will that present any relinking problems? Or challenges backing up if I choose not to save the longer source files?

Well back to the edit cave. If I'm not out in a week, send help. =)

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