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Issues regarding timecode when I pause playback

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Darren Monk
Issues regarding timecode when I pause playback
on Jan 22, 2018 at 8:04:55 pm


I have asked this before and have a really hard time explaining the issue. I have therefore made a video, please check it out at the following link, then come back here and read my problem - hopefully it'll make sense then ☺

On this video please pause at 16 seconds and observe the two timecode numbers - the burned in one on the preview above the smiley face and the one that is in the timeline timecode box near the bottom left of the screen.

Okay, so my issue is that occasionally when I pause playback in Premier Pro the preview window will stop at a certain timecode - in this case at 16 seconds the burned in timecode on the preview window is 01:04:05:22 while the timecode box on the timeline is 01:04:05:21. All I've done in the video is paused at the end of some dialogue (muted for confidentiality reasons).

Then two seconds later, at 18 seconds, you can see the media in the preview window "skip" back a frame so that the burned in timecode then says 01:04:05:21 to match the timeline box timecode.

This happens around 50% of the time when I pause the media. You can see throughout the video I routinely pause, click on and off the Premier screen, then resume. Sometimes the timecodes match - sometimes they don't.

I can't for the life of me figure out why this happens. A company I work for sends me these videos to make CCSLs with so I need to play/pause constantly. I need the timecodes to be 100% accurate and they cannot be if the preview window stops on X then half the time jumps back to X-1 frame.

Please - please, someone help me figure out what is causing this.

The videos are sent as MP4s at 1920x1080.

My computer is as follows:
Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6700k CPU @ 4.00GHz 4.00GHz
Windows 10 64Bit
I have a Nvidea 1080
uhh, ask if you want to know anything else, spec wise.

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Robert Withers
Re: Issues regarding timecode when I pause playback
on Jan 23, 2018 at 4:59:37 am

timecode seems really funky in Pr CC. I haven't had to deal with it, but here is an interesting thread:
Good luck,

Robert Withers

Independent/personal/avant-garde cinema, New York City

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