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Premiere 2018 CC Exports Getting Progressively Slower

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Michael Tate
Premiere 2018 CC Exports Getting Progressively Slower
on Jan 19, 2018 at 10:45:48 am

Hey guys, first post but I've been reading threads from here for years, figure it's time to sign up.

Some Background:
I got the latest Macbook pro about 3-4 months ago brand new, and I keep nearly all my files on a portable hard drive so I use as little of actual hard drive space as possible.

I've noticed when I first got the laptop and would export files 200+ MB in size (H.264 you know all the normal settings i've been using for years) it would take 10 minutes or less. I noticed it kept taking longer and longer on exports but I figured it was because my projects are usually full of effects. Well today I reached my breaking point. I'm exporting super LQ videos (70 mb) for a client so they can see the direction of the videos, and they are taking over 30 minutes to export... The only effect is a reverse speed effect, no color, no warp, nothing.

Now I'm sure many people will ask, what are you shooting on? Which is irrelevant because literally the same camera on the same computer used to export in 10x the speed. (Sony A7SII 4k Footage but again, it used to render faster w/ far more effects)

I'm curious if you guys think there's some sort of cache that could be slowing it down (I've emptied it a few weeks ago) or some other tips where things get stored that slow down the export process? Is it because I upgraded to the buggy CC 2018??

Any tips or tricks or ideas would be extremely helpful.

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Tero Ahlfors
Re: Premiere 2018 CC Exports Getting Progressively Slower
on Jan 19, 2018 at 12:03:07 pm

How long are these videos you're trying to export? What are your sequence settings? What are your exact export settings? How much free space do you have on your drives? Have you tested the drive speed on your external drive?

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Michael Tate
Re: Premiere 2018 CC Exports Getting Progressively Slower
on Jan 20, 2018 at 1:59:42 am

3 minutes exactly. Its the same export settings ive always used.

the thing is, i've noticed this on the last few projects ive done. It has nothing to do with the dimensions, length or bitrates. Those always change, but things that it used to export super quick with warps, color correcting and all types of effects now exports slower on a video with nothing really going on

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Moises Fuentes
Re: Premiere 2018 CC Exports Getting Progressively Slower
on Jan 20, 2018 at 4:13:27 am

Go to File > Project Settings > General and check to see if you still have Mercury Playback Engine GPU Acceleration Open CL enabled which should be on by default for your system. You could try switching to Metal or Software only to see if there's any difference in rendering time. Any switching might delete the previews you may have already rendered.

You could also press queue from the export window and have Media Encoder do the export for you. It also has an option on the bottom to switch between the renderer as well.

Have you been using the same external drive for all of these exports? It could be wearing down. I've even heard of some new drives that start to fail. Very rare but it happens. I'd try bringing all the files to a new drive to see if there's any difference.

You could also use certain programs like the black magic disk speed test to determine how fast you can read and write on your drives. Check all your drives, external and internal.

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