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Sony PMW-EX1 or fs100 to Rent in Toronto?

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Derek Rucas
Sony PMW-EX1 or fs100 to Rent in Toronto?
on Jul 17, 2011 at 5:39:24 pm

Hi there,

I'm based in Toronto and rent out my Sony EX1 affordably when I'm not using it. The EX1 is great! Very versatile, great quality image, etc.

I was looking to purchase an fs100 and do the same thing, but lots of people are telling me that the fs100 and EX1 are two totally different types of cameras. Plus with the cost of lenses, memory cards, etc, is it really worth it? How much hype is around this camera and do you think enough people know enough about it to want it right now?

Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Derek Rucas

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keith greenfield
Re: Sony PMW-EX1 or fs100 to Rent in Toronto?
on Jul 22, 2011 at 10:13:15 am

I have just come off a long shoot with a couple of NEX100s here is a blow by blow account.

Gave two NEX 100s a six day spanking.
This is simple day to day log of my experience of the Sony NEX100. Please be aware that my experience started on day one. This really is a 'grab and gun' experience of the camera. I am a firm believer in the 'RTFM' approach before making any criticisms. I do however also believe that a well designed product should be fairly 'intuitive' in its handling. So, when I comment 'not able to' it may just mean I did not..RTFM!
No apologies for the 'bullet point' delivery style, 'KISS'! If you have a response just c/v that line.
Event: Indian Wedding
Location: Turkey
Schedule: six days
Daily calls: up to 18 hours
Crew: 3 stills, 3 video, 1 data wrangler
Environment: day/night, indoor, outdoor, beach, on water, + 36℃T 88%RH
Basic kit:
x2 Sony NEX FS100EK + 18-200mm E mount
x1 Sony 50mm 1.4 on A-E adapter
x1 Sony EX1
x2 Canon 7D
x1 Canon 5D
x1 Nikon D7000
Wide range of Nikon SLR lenses on Canon adaptor
x2 Atomos Ninja ProRes HDMI Recorder
x2 SteadiCam Flyer
x3 MacBookPro

Sync both NEX100s and EX1 on FREERUN TC, menu system confusing, differs from EX1.
Not able to sync via cable as per EX1/Z1 et al. Might be possible with the remote controller.
No clip naming available as per EX1.
I like my clips with a hex/dec project code followed by a four zero padded number.
EX1 clip name continues with every media change.
Do all AVCHD clips have to reset to 0001.mts on every media change?
When 'unwrapped' via FCP these become Clip#1 then repeats Clip#1 on next ingest.
FCP ingest loses TC.
Unwrap with ClipWrap retains TC.
Could only get HDMI or Composite feed, not both. SteadiCam monitor req 2nd feed.
Made a decision to forgo the record to Ninja option. Wanted to hand off bite sized chunks as we go.
Went with 16 GB SD cards. Faster copy time with MacBook SD reader.
EX1 two card slot just perfect for hot swapping media. No need for cover shots. Just keeping feeding the SDs.
Formatting SD cards via camera a real pain. I want PC based utility that 'camera formats' the cards.
Elagto Turbo h.264 brilliant for generating lo res rushes direct from BPAV or PRIVATE folders.
Sony EX Clip Browser Acquisition tab . Awesome for camera set up checks. Want same for AVCHD. Now.
NEX 100, accessory handle gets in the way of LCD screen.
No over camera handle for low handhelds. Or just to pick the thing up and run with it.
LCD screen no position for impromptu 'crane' shots on monpod.
Camera feels and handles well in hand cradle mode with/without viewfinder. Flash backs of Bronica ETR and Mamiya 67. Feels soooo comforting.
Three stop/start controls. Two on camera, one on grip. Keep hitting the front body one by mistake thought, a lock might help.
Grip. Odd thing. LANC for control., but I realise it saves money.
Recording formats: Why so many? I want HD 1080p. NTSC as per EX1 huh?
Smooth/Slow/Quick: Pointless. gimmick. Pimp the CPU and offer 100fps. Conform ProRes copy in FCP Cinema Tools.
Give me cache rec for those surprise moments, golf swings, fireworks and lightning strikes.
GPS: WTF? With a GPS signal up and down like a brides nighty…pointless if not available all the time. I may not know what day it is but I do know where I am. Use plug in device if so important.
Capture Still Images from movie: huh? pointless. do it post.
Divide Movie: nope.
Write to DVD: nope. Ok so there is BDMV folder there. Does not mean you have to use it.
Assign buttons great, perfect position. But just give them 1-6 no need to name the defaults, that will change on day one. Confusing.
On the EX1 the Expanded focus has a auto reset default time...the NEX just hung there in expanded..
Knee point: great.
Iris control on camera body. Nope don't like it. Not natural coming from SLR.
No power zoom control: sometimes ones needs a slow push/pull on tripod.
18-200mm: Zoom and Focus controls on lens: Rubber grip too smooth. Needs more pronounced rubber feel.
Steady shot: brilliant. Just perfect when hanging the wrong way round from a parasail towed by speedboat for that must have 'aerial shot'. Or chasing water-skiers on a jet ski. It really is that splash proof?
18-200mm: Focus control: Not smooth, edgy, 'steppy'. Difficult to generate smooth bokeh pulls/pushes
18-200mm: Low performance not good. Hits the stop at f3.8
Auto Gain limiter brilliant.
18-200mm/50mm A mount: : Outdoors midday, no clouds, beach Lat 36. No NDs. So cannot control the dof. I want 3.8. I want 1.4. Setting TV to 1/10,000 is not an solution. Rolling shutter wobble and stationary rotor blades are not funny.
Drop in NDs on the matte box kind of works. If you have time.
50mm A mount: lens fantastic, no stabilisation. As this will be used 99% handheld it really needs it.
50mm A mount: dreamy shallow dof. Use flange to subject as focus. So, needs stabilisation!!! I repeat.
50mm A mount: iris control definitely something wrong here. Very noisy, blades move to fully closed then open to new setting every time iris control moved. I don't get it. Using the A-E adaptor. Have missed something.
Audio: Yes all there. XLR set, never got my head around it first time.
Battery life: Fit and forget.

Summary: Give me dial in NDs, stabilised lenses, two SD slots, comprehensive clip naming, an over camera handle and that 16mm 2.8 pancake.

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