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Noob questions....

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Sam Wehrli
Noob questions....
on Dec 17, 2010 at 3:10:36 am

Thanx in advance for any help. I am just an enthusiastic amateur, but I love anything tech and I learn quick, but i tend to over plan and obsess over any unknowns. January of this year i built my first custom rig, and pretty much busted the budget on the mobo, ram and gpu.

My gear:
case: Haf coolermaster 932
psu: corsair 850 watt
mobo: asus p6td deluxe
cpu: intel i7 960 quad @ 3.2ghz
ram: 12GB corsair dominator ddr3 @ 1600 mhz
gpu: radeon 4890 1GB X 2 in crossfire.
OS: windows 7 64 bit home premium
currint primary boot drive c: Hitachi 1TB:

2 New drives to be raided: Western digital caviar green 500gb

I planned on setting up a raid 0 configuration as soon as i had the $.... So the drives are in, and being recognized.

Before I go about re-installing windows (Which i have never done) I was wondering if i need to back up my data on an external drive before I attempt this, because the external I have just failed. Once the OS is reinstalled and the computer is booting from the 'raided' drives, can I transfer programs from my single, non-raided drives to the new array? not to mention my data.

My plan was to boot and run on the raid array, and use the 3rd stand alone drive as backup, which i do religiously anyway. How would a pro do this with 3 drives to work with? I want to run on 2 for performance, and use the 3rd for safety because i am super paranoid about recover-ability. Thank you again in advance.....

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Fred Jodry
Re: Noob questions....
on Dec 19, 2010 at 3:55:17 am

Your two new RAID 0? drives will backup and restore with no mentionable incompatibilities with the (plug in single drives?) predecessor. The question you will want to ask yourself in the future, sometimes, is whether you should improve the speed of the backup, restore archives operation. For instance, some setups now use a backup, restore array that actually has more speed than the work computer on hand, and can be switched off, complete witth maybe a booster Xeon processor in it integrally switching on and off with it (or faster or slower) at the same time. The reason for the faster backup and restore is mostly so that backup and restore don`t have to be forced into off- peak times, (or do you want your technician to be on the job at 3 o`clock in the morning when hardware or the job is having a hard time)? Another reason for powerful, adjustable power backup and restore is that it saves electricity compared to having a work computer pushing backup the brute force way. A stack of Xeons render farm can run up an electric bill that pushes a production joint out of business. I also noticed that you`re talking about hard drives to hard drives as archiving. You may want to use tape or other archives in the future.

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