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RAID controller recommendation, please advice

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Anton Shu
RAID controller recommendation, please advice
on Jan 28, 2016 at 6:53:13 pm

Hello community,
Could You please advice me a RAID controller. I want to connect 4 HDD (thinking about WD RED pro 3TB) in RAID 10.
I have ASUS X79 LGA 2011 motherboard with 3930K. At the moment I am using integrated Intel Rste RAID controller (3 HDD in RAID 5), it is unstable, often rebuilds itselft (Seagate barracuda drives) so I decided to buy dedicated RAID card. I`m experiencing rebuilds ~5 times a month.. If I do hard reset, then it 100% for a rebuild (dedicated RAID cards, don`t do that right?) but occasionally rebuild takes place for no reason
I am thinking about DELL PERC H710p or LSI MegaRAID SAS 9271-4i, but the shop don`t guarantee that it will work with windows 8.1pro, they said those boards are for server use.. I`m looking for RAID card for ~350-400euro. In my region we have intel, dell, hp, LSI no Arecas available.
Also should I look only at those boards, that have it`s own cache (512 or 1gb)? and a battery?
Sorry for noob questions, but it`s a month searching trough forums, and my existing system is driving me crazy.
Thank You

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alex gardiner
Re: RAID controller recommendation, please advice
on Jan 30, 2016 at 11:18:33 am

Had it been a HP workstation maybe you could have looked at HPSA - the modern ones are actually really good little boards. They use PMC chips, so not much different to a modern Adaptec.

If you're on a mega budget you can pickup the older 3ware 9750's some places (new) for dirt cheap. Driver probably won't work on your OS though...

Maybe ask Avago directly about LSI on 8.1, they must be able to provide some advice. FWIW I work on a number of storage racks running 9361-x and they perform *very* well. The MSM software is nasty though, which leaves you with ATTO and Areca...

Areca's management is best IMO, but they're not cheap. Also, more of a workstation, than a server suitable solution (supposedly)... seems about right as they use daft little fans on their heat sinks. Areca also have cache profiles for video workloads (actually the modern HP stuff does too).

Forget Perc, its just rebadged LSI AFAIK.

Most will pretty much do what you want. The real question is if 4 drives are enough for what you're doing.

FWIW worth the only none hardware solution that I've put into production is ZFS (on Linux in my case). Its a bloody revolution/revelation. haha.

As for drives, always go from the HCL for the product. They all fail, sooner or later - but at least using models/fw that have been tested with the controller will give you some piece of mind.

I'm not sure if this helps, but saw that you didn't have a reply.
Open Source Shared Storage

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Anton Shu
Re: RAID controller recommendation, please advice
on Jan 31, 2016 at 12:05:19 pm

Thank You, Alex for a respond. Really appreciate
I`ve decided for now to change my disks to WD Red pro, ant buy a good UPS. Hope this will add stability to my system, and in near future will investigate more deeply Raid cards. You gave a good advice, I will just write a letter to Areca /LSI/ Atto directly, they should know best. Have a good day

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