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MUST READ - article on the outcome of the fork and ongoing issues with development

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Michael Rampe
MUST READ - article on the outcome of the fork and ongoing issues with development
on Sep 1, 2012 at 10:41:30 pm

Hi all,

Since asking the cow to start this forum several years ago, I have been in the constant struggle of dealing with the ever changing syntax and API compatibility of the various FFmpeg versions and also "the fork which I will not name here"

Since I have seen others on this forum and elsewhere also struggling with old solutions posted that no longer work, I thought I would post this excellent and mostly unbiased blog post about the situation I found from one of the developers.

Would be keen to know what other users, from beginner to power, think about this and what is your preference going forward.

To get the ball rolling, I am totally in the FFmpeg camp and not the "other". I think the changes in FFmpeg since the fork have been phenomenal, especially in regards to the excellent work on libavfilter.
Anyone have any experience with the "other"?


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Reuben Martin
Re: MUST READ - article on the outcome of the fork and ongoing issues with development
on Sep 6, 2012 at 1:06:02 am

Generally I've stuck with ffmpeg, mostly because the devs who frequent that side of the tracks seem to be a bit more interested in professional/broadcast video formats, while the libav counterparts seem to be more focused towards end-user/distribution formats. I really don't have anything to back that up with other than that is the impression I get just from observation of mailing lists. However, all the cross pollination between the two generally keeps things in sync.

What makes it somewhat awkward is that I'm a heavy user of Gentoo linux, and there are several hard working maintainers who put a lot of effort into maintaining Gentoo who are also strong proponents and developers for libav as well.

I generally try to skirt the issue as much as possible. There are a lot of bruised egos, and bad blood between various individuals. Getting involved is just poking the hornets nest with a stick.

There are some very talented developers from both sides, but with the personal conflicts involved, it might be that they are both more productive working apart from each other. I hope that someday the two camps will merge back into one project, but that is not going to happen anytime in the near future.

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