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Converting image sequence to .mov & .flv

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Mike Moss
Converting image sequence to .mov & .flv
on Sep 14, 2011 at 7:37:33 pm

Hello, If my following question has already been answered feel free to point me in the right direction. Thanks!

I need to install ffmpeg on a Win 2003 server. I get alot of image sequences that have many diffrent names from diffrent users. All of which need to be converted to .mov and/or .flv format.

I've been trying to use ffmpeg on my local Win7 machine and have yet to be successful. I get a lot of diffrent errors in many diffrent ways of trying. I think my problem is the documention is very confusing to me. Which is the right ffmpeg to download,setup, etc...

This is the one i downloaded:
(not the gui version)

I have the folder in my root C: dir.
I've been attempting to convert some images with this command for example:

ffmpeg.exe -i *.tga -f

Which gives me a "Failed to set value '' for option 'f'" error. I've tried diffrent formats, diffrent syntax and i cant get anything to work. I was originally using Imagemagic, which worked for converting to .mov great! But then found out it does not support .flv formats... damn.

Maybe you guys can help me out. I need a script that will search an entire folder (Preferably to search network UNC paths.i.e \pathpathsource_images) for a specific format (.jpg, .tga, .tiff, etc..) create a video out of it and output that video to a specified directory.

Hopefully i have enough information here, please let me know if i need to provide anything more.

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Mike Moss
Re: Converting image sequence to .mov & .flv
on Sep 15, 2011 at 5:08:03 pm

Ok, update...
I managed to convert to the right formats. (I used ImageMagick to convert the sequence to .mov then FFmpeg to take that .mov and convert it to Flash .flv) Just wrote a batch file that does the whole process.

But now i got another problem.

The images im using to test are 1920x1080 and they look great. But once Imagemagick gets ahold of them and converts to .mov they look horrible. HUGE pixelation, streaking, etc. I've tried using the -quality flag set to 100, not sure what else to do to make them look normal again. It looks as if its a monitor refresh problem.

Any ideas?

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daniel paluska
Re: Converting image sequence to .mov & .flv
on Nov 23, 2011 at 8:28:48 pm

how are your files names? they need to be sequential

if they are img001.tga ... img999.tga

then you would use the line
ffmpeg.exe -i img%03d.tga -qscale 4

qscale is from 2-31 where 2 is highest quality.

if doesn't work try video.mpg or video.mp4 or video.avi
or you can go direct to flv. you don't have to have the .mov intermediate step

this should work without needing to go through the imagemagick step.

if you type man ffmpeg you will see the -formats option which when you run by typing ffmpeg -formats, this will tell you all the available output formats.

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