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Issue with 7D+NTG2 audio playback and Youtube upload

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rehan haque
Issue with 7D+NTG2 audio playback and Youtube upload
on Sep 11, 2012 at 12:49:05 pm

Hello all,

I was wondering if someone could please post some advice, I have found 1 or 2 old posts on a similar topic but non with a resolution. I am using a canon 7D with a rode NTG-2 mic plugged in directly via an XLR to 3.5mm jack cable. When I play back the clip on the camera all I hear is static, however when played back on my mac the audio seems fine.

I went ahead and edited the footage on my mac in Final Cut Pro X, however when I uploaded the finished video to youtube at

It worked fine on most desktops but people playing on 1) iphone, iPad or a mini laptop device all hear distorted audio from anything that was recorded through the NTG2. Music which I dropped onto my timeline plays fine.

There was a post which mentioned the use of a "balanced" XLR to jack cable to fix an audio problem a particular user reported with 7D. Do you think these symptons could be happening for the same reason? Many Thanks

p.s I should also mention, that when testing the rode videomic with my 7d the sound worked fine. (that mic doesnt use XLR)

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Jude Oduor
Re: Issue with 7D+NTG2 audio playback and Youtube upload
on Dec 2, 2012 at 7:47:20 am

Happy to finally find a thread with the exact same problem described as I am experiencing!

It seems some comps and smartphones are not playing the audio recorded by the NTG2 directly plugged into Canon 7D via XLR stereo; well, actually it does give a certain sound, but very distorted and low volume. All other audio at the very same time is playing just fine, with correct volume levels.

Am yet to find a solution.
I asked for advice at a local recording studio, and they couldn't see anything funny about the sound clip. They thought one of the plugs could be faulty. But checking this again at home, and reassuring I've been using different plugs and wires but experiencing the same problem, I'm sure it's not a faulty plug.
Now that I read the above post I can conclude it's really not that.

Is it a setting in the camera?
Do I need to convert the audio, and how?

I'm thinking of getting an H4N to use in combination with the NTG2, but would be much happier to first understand what the problem is, and if all would be solved by getting an H4N.


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rehan haque
Re: Issue with 7D+NTG2 audio playback and Youtube upload
on Dec 5, 2012 at 3:18:47 pm

I pretty sure its not a setting on the camera at the very least.

Many attempts at converting the audio to a different format failed also, so am lost for ideas.

I do also use the Mic with the H4N and it works fine in that scenario, note you will need some additional equipment because its way to quiet to be usable with just the NTG->H4N

I can't remember the name of the plug I use, but it cost £70, plugs into the H4n and the NTG into the plug and it boosts the signal. its quiet small, so a preferable option for me over using an alternative preamp box type alternatives.

will check details when i get home, I havnt actually touched it in several months.

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