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Nikon D7000 Video Quality

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Stephen Folker
Nikon D7000 Video Quality
on Apr 9, 2012 at 7:23:39 pm

I'm looking into buying a d7000 for my next movie project.

Is the quality good enough if it's blown up movie screen size? I know the D7000 is 1080 an the 60D is 1080 but from what I understand the Canon has more bitrate which means a better quality final image.

Any thoughts?

I have alot of money already invested in Nikon glass, but I know I can used adapter on Canon. I'd rather use Nikon if the quality isn't that big of a difference.

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Rob Manning
Re: Nikon D7000 Video Quality
on Apr 9, 2012 at 9:11:13 pm

Hi Stephen,

Both cameras will have a capture of around 2mp density in h.264 plus or minus, but not enough to consider one over the other (IMO).

What will matter is the exposure, noise and f/stop on the glass.

For available light or staged lighting, since you already own the Nikon glass, it doesn't make sense just for the fraction of perceived detail at 2 + or - mp.

Since there are commercial release films now, Act of Valor, Like Crazy etc. that have been shot on video enabled DSLR's, and that these films are in theaters (Like Crazy 7D @ 18+mp's) the question becomes a personal choice.

More important is the attention to what any DP/DIT team would be concerned about, shot construction, lighting, filters, using the camera strengths, DOF can mask moire/motions blur, and all of the rest of the reasons that DSLR video has attracted so much support.

The rest of that equation is transcoding into ProRes, AVID, CineForm or another high bit-rate enabled codec to squeeze, envision, tweak and finesse the footage.

We shoot a concert this Saturday, in available venue light (800 seat) for stills (my D3S) and video, 2-D7000's, 1 5DMK2, 1 T2i' and a spare plus I may finish buying my D800 which awaits 15 minutes away.

That being said, everyone will be in neutral, non-auto ISO and we will meter for each camera position for settings on f/stops etc.

The T2i operator wants to rent a 400mm zoom.

I have assigned him the long shot rear of the room by the console position because of the crop and his 70-200 with the 5DMK2 closer using the same lens.

T2i, said he prefers the 400 for tight close ups on the players hands at that distance and is a volunteer, so by all means, rent away.

My point is, there are so many mixed formats going into post these days, that cameras do matter of course but not as much when handled using proper technique and creative ability.



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Stephen Folker
Re: Nikon D7000 Video Quality
on Apr 11, 2012 at 12:28:43 pm

Thanks Rob. Very helpful information. As long as the final edited files will still look sharp on a BIG screen (movie screen) then I'm set on getting one.

Thanks again!

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