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audio issue sync and levels probs, confused

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Suley Suleman
audio issue sync and levels probs, confused
on Dec 4, 2011 at 10:25:09 pm

Hi guys, basically I have a problem. Earlier today we were on location shooting an interview with an subject. We used the canon 550d with rode mic attched with magiclatern installed to use rode mic and internal mic. We also used an handheld samsung hd cam however internal sound. Now a minuite into the interview the battery on the rode began to fade out and 3 mins in it went dead. Don't ask me how but it lost power. Now we were not able to stop the interview and had to keep going so contunued to shoot knowing the hand held would capture the sound which it did. Now it was shooting at a diffrent angle but apart from that it has an issue where it picks up a hissing sound on the cam its low in frequency but you can tell. Now I have to work out how to a) merge the sound from the samsung to the canon and sync it up right and be using the rode as the key remove the unwated noise. Anyone any ideas how I can do this and what apps can help me.

I would really appreciate anyhelp guidance or if someone is willing to give it a shot I would be very thankfull.


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Colin McQuillan
Re: audio issue sync and levels probs, confused
on Dec 6, 2011 at 6:15:20 pm

Hi Suley,

This can either be fairly easy.. or fairly difficult depending on what you have for media.
I hope both cameras were recording the same frame-rate. Also - I'm guessing after the Rode died there is no sound on the canon? or did you notice this happen while recording and unplug the Rode mic so you have camera mic audio?
Were both cameras running non-stop during the entire interview - or did you have to stop and start (i.e. the 12min recording limit of most DSLR's?

If both were running non-stop and are the same framerate the task is fairly simple. Import your media into your editing application. Put your primary video/audio on V1, A1+A2, the other (the canon) on V2, A3+A4. If you have audio waveform overlays on your audio tracks eyeball the waveforms to match position in the timeline as best as possible, then fine tune by nudging the top layer video and its associated audio until the sound matches as close as possible in that first 3 minute portion where both cameras were recording sound.
Even if both cameras were recording to the same FPS you will need to visually spot check down the timeline for lip sync as they could drift a touch over time. If you notice this be sure to make a cut downstream before nudging to fix, as you will pull the earlier media out of sync if you don't.

If you have many smaller QT's with no sound from your canon… You will need to manually match it up by eye. I don't believe anyone has yet released any lip-reading software to help you out with this scenario. If you imported the Canon material with something like FCP's log and transfer then you will have time of day timecode on your clips. You can use this to help with the process - especially if there were lengthy gaps between recoding. Like above use the portions of media that have audio and overlay/sync them in a timeline. at the last frame of a Canon clip note the timecode of the source, then note the timecode of the first frame of the next Canon clip. The difference in time will give you the approximate gap you need to lay that next piece of video - from there you will need to eyeball sync as unfortunately every time you hit record the Canon resets the frames to :00 so your clip will be anywhere up to :29 frames out.

Colin McQuillan
Vancouver, B.C.

"Live, love, laugh and be happy."

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