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Suggested shutter speed for video shooting on T2i

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Bill Cartman
Suggested shutter speed for video shooting on T2i
on Dec 16, 2010 at 6:06:58 pm

Hi all, I have a question regarding the T2i video footage quality.
First of all I'm quite new to DSLR video shooting so pardon me for my ignorance.

The issue that I'm facing now is that I'm shooting a video with my DSLR for a project and the settings that I've set is

-1920x1080 25 frames
-shooting on PAL
-Movie exposure to Manual
-Picture style I've set it to User Def.1
I brought the sharpness and contrast all the way down
Saturation, i brought 2 stops below 0 and i did not do any adjustments to the Color tone

I did this because I came across a post on this forum with this link

Its the general camera set-ups for shooting video and its on a 5DM2 and I'm wonder if the same setting would work on T2i.

Alright, the thing that I'm confused is that I've read many posts and I tried to understand everything and what I understand is that while shooting with a DSLR, the exposure is mainly controlled by the
-shutter speed

From what i undersatnd for Aperture, the higher the F-stop (EG. F11) the lesser the DOF mostly for wide shots and lower F-stops (EG. 2.8)will provide a more shallow DOF

ISO for the T2i is best to have a limit at 800 because anything beyond that would cause the footages to have grains

The part that I'm confused is the shutter speed. I've come across many forums saying that its best to keep the shutter speed at 1/50 and leave there ( I'm actually not really sure why ) But i know that with a slower shutter speed, I will have motion blur and with a faster shutter speed, I will have some sort of lines in the footage caused by the lights.

I did some test shoots indoors with my T2i and i used a 50mm Prime with 50 shutter speed and Aperture at 2.8. It was a mid shot of some kid and I noticed that even with a static shot ( on tripod ) when the kid moved, I realized that theres some "lagness" in the footage when i play it back on one of my friend's Mac editing suite and I was wondering is it something to do with the shutter speed? or is it because I didn't convert the raw files to Prores422 and view it on FCP. Desperately seeking enlightenment regarding this matter.

More more thing I'm pretty confused is that while doing my research on youtube, I've come across a tutorial on Film making with the T2i and I realized that the shutter speed is not constant. I understand that the guy in the tutorial is trying to compromise the high aperature by boosting up the ISO but somewhere in the film, he mentioned something like the footages look crispier with shutter speed of 100 200 and I realized that the footage with shutter speed at 100/200 or even 500 was really smooth and it didn't have any "lagness" when there's movements in the footage from a static shot and some of the shots were slow panning shots and the movements were also very smooth.

The thing that I'm confused is that will having a higher shutter speed which means breaking away from the 50 shutter speed rule produce a better, smoother movement in the footage? Is it advisable to do it? any cons to it this approach?

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Steve Crow
Re: Suggested shutter speed for video shooting on T2i
on Dec 16, 2010 at 6:51:56 pm

The reason for the lag is most probably because the video hadn't been converted to ProRes yet and the computer was having issues playing back the native H.264 original file smoothly, this is quite common in my experience.

The higher you raise the shutter speed, the more "jumpy" the video will get (watch the D-Day battle scenes on the beach in "Saving Private Ryan") - the opposite of smooth. The 180 degree rule is related to how motion picture film was exposed by the shutter of traditional movie cameras used on big sets, because it was done this way for years and years, this is the look we are most used to viewing as "the way its supposed to be"

Now if you raise the shutter speed a few notches will you immediately notice a huge difference, probably not but I don't do it myself although I have seen footage from those who did where it still looked good to me, but maybe I am not the super picky type. :-)

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Richard Harrington
Re: Suggested shutter speed for video shooting on T2i
on Dec 18, 2010 at 4:10:02 am

If you beak your post into shorter questions people can answer the actual questions. As it stands.. you have a short essay.

The simple rule for shutter speed is this

Take frame rate multiply by 2... then but a 1 on top

IE 30 FPS = 1/60th
25 fps = 1/50th

You can deviate... but you'll get smearing or stuttering the further you move away

Richard M. Harrington, PMP

Author: From Still to Motion, Video Made on a Mac, Photoshop for Video, Understanding Adobe Photoshop, Final Cut Studio On the Spot and Motion Graphics with Adobe Creative Suite 5 Studio Techniques

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