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Stop stressing!!!!

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Joel Mielle
Stop stressing!!!!
on Jan 27, 2010 at 4:50:59 am

It amazes me how many people are over-concerned over image quality. Yes a beautiful crisp image without noise, artifacts, moire effect etc.. are nice to look at.... But for how long? when you have a camera like the 7D, you now have a tool that will create the shallow depth everyone has dreamed of. If you light, compose and set the mood within in your shot, and if it's a captivating story, who in the hell is going to look for a little moire, or a small artifact somewhere. We should all concern ourselves about content, not technical image quality. How many viewers really give a damn? Just wait and see how many masterpieces will emerge on 7Ds, I've already seen plenty. And also how many flopping turkeys will be on 35mm film. Use what you can afford, Red, film, DV, DSLRs, remember the viewers just don't care! Now relax and enjoy shooting like an artist, not a computer geek!

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Dane Silzle
Re: Stop stressing!!!!
on Jan 27, 2010 at 8:03:12 am

Thank you Joel,

Although the Cow is a very Technical Forum, in which many of us
have used for support in the 11th hour,(sometimes, many times),when
my back is against the wall. For me the cow has been a life saver.
However, It can also be (unfortunately) a place (as in many Forums) where (on occasion) opinion and personal preference can run very deep...

Sometimes, it's easy to overlook the fact that without a good script
or even any script, we're just shoot cool birds, dragonflies,flower,waves, boats,people dancing etc.........(actually that's ok if the content is good and your selling/collecting stock footage). The Point here is "Content Is King".

I picked up my first HDSLR camera/rig on December 14th A little more than a month ago, tested it, learned what I could in a week and a half about the cameras sweet spot and general workflow. Then used it for a behind-the-scenes shoot for a Superbowl commercial. The footage is going to TNT. I happened to make the animatic for this spot and new the script pretty well working directly with the creative team.
We also created down-loads for mobile devices ("Short, Comedic, Character, Clips") for the clients website as well as some ringtone.

The point is, I had a real production situation to explore framing/DOF/movement/workflow, etc.. I got to see where the camera performs well and doesn't. I used a couple of different Forums to make my camera decision/selection, fortunately I believe I made the right one for my needs. All based on a Content oriented situation.

The Cow is a awesome source of information. This "DSLR video" forum is very new, as is the available cameras and tech to consumer on the market, frustration and confusion, here, will be a given. I agree to stop Stressing, We should embrace the New paint brush and if you have a critical Job that must get done now, make sure you have your old brush (in my case, my HVX200) to rely on.

Thanks for your passion Joel!

And Thank you Creative Cow, your awesome!


GH1, HotRod Deluxe,Zeiss ZF 50mm f1.4, 85mm 1.4, Nikon 24mm f2.8

Mac pro 8core, 16gig
Adobe CS4 Master suite
(a boatload of plugins, AE & FCP)
Decklink HD extreme
CalDigit HDOne

And much more keen junk.....

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Robbie Carman
Re: Stop stressing!!!!
on Jan 27, 2010 at 11:17:21 pm

Joel well said!

While its easy to get caught up in the technical swamp that surounds acquisition technologies I agree its story and content first it always has been.

What has amazed me is that how many traditional video DPs are having such issues with moire and other things but as you point out don't say much about the unbelievable DOF thats possible with this cameras, not to mention the amazing quality of lenses you can use.

Is video DSLR perfect? Of course not. Is it better then a traditional video camera? In some ways and in some ways not.

We are in the infancy of these powerful tools and I agree stop stressing. If a DSLR system works for you then use it but complaining rather about what it is or what it isn't doesn't do any good. If you want a feature ask the manufacture for it.

Robbie Carman
Colorist and Author
Check out my new Books:
Video Made on a Mac
Apple Pro Training Series DVDSP
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