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7D vs T2I? Opinions?

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Pat McGowan
7D vs T2I? Opinions?
on Jul 13, 2010 at 6:45:50 pm

Looking to buy a DSLR for a B cam - thinking 7D but would go with T2i - opinions?

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Noah Kadner
Re: 7D vs T2I? Opinions?
on Jul 13, 2010 at 6:49:33 pm

Found this on Google (go figure)

here's the gist for the hyperlink-challenged:

If the main reason you were considering the EOS 7D was for the great video capabilities of the camera and not for the photographic features, then I would definitely recommend that you to consider the Rebel T2i as an alternative. The extra $900 spent on the 7D will not give you any real noticeable benefit with regard to video quality, at least at the ISO settings you're likely to use (up to ISO 1600). Virtually all of the advanced capabilities of the 7D center around its photographic capabilities (AF performance and frame rates) and not its video differences.

Of course, there are design differences that come into play regardless of whether you shoot stills or video. Those include the 7D's dust and weather resistance, stronger magnesium body, longer battery life, and even the type of media each of the camera's use. Often times videographers are forced to use their camera in less than ideal conditions (humidity, moisture, rain, snow) and the 7D was designed to hold up much better in these conditions. This is not to say that the T2i cannot be used in similar conditions - just that extra precautions will need to be taken to ensure the safe operation of the camera.

For photographers, the differences between the two camera models are much greater, so your decision will ultimately have to be based on finances and whether the camera will be used professionally or as a learning and/or family camera. For many of the same reasons above, the 7D is a better choice for professionals that need a beefier camera as well as a feature set that you are more apt to grow into, rather than out of. For action / sports photographers the EOS 7D offers a much improved AF and AF tracking system along with the high speed 8.0 fps burst rates. The Rebel T2i will never be considered a serious sports camera - though its important too keep in mind that just a few years ago 3.7fps was considered fast.


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Greg Brand
Re: 7D vs T2I? Opinions?
on Jul 13, 2010 at 8:52:11 pm

Some good points by Noah there

i had the same decision a few months back and ended up going with the T2i, purely because i was looking at the video features and not for a good stills camera, although since i bought it i have enjoyed getting into photography :)

Budget was the main deciding factor for me and you can't complain about the price of the T2i

we put this small DSLR test together a few days after i bought the Rebel

Not the most scientific but it does speak volumes about what camera to buy if budget is a concern.

hope it helps in your decision and good luck

ps. you will need to splash out on some good glass as the kit lens with the T2i is not a very good lens.

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Michael Sacci
Re: 7D vs T2I? Opinions?
on Jul 13, 2010 at 9:26:40 pm

I went with the T2i because of budget, if I had the money I would get the 7D without even thinking twice. Why, the quality of the build and waterproofing. I love to shoot in the rain, at least I use to.

But the great thing about this choice is that in the end it doesn't matter. I can get the same video and the same stills with either camera. I would not want to see my camera dropped (t2i) nor would I stay out in the weather with it.

The other thing about the T2i that I don't like is the placement of the batteries. It runs along the back of the camera vs perpendicular to it in the grip. This means more things have to be removed to get at the battery. Once again, nothing that makes it a bad choice, just something to think about if you have the money.

I love my T2i best thing I have purchased in a long time. There was no way I could spend the extra $900 for the 7D at that time. And I'm please enough with the T2i that there is no rush to move up. As extra money becomes available I would rather buy accessories, all of which will work on the 7D when I move up.

I like choices where there is no wrong answer.

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Ryan Mast
Re: 7D vs T2I? Opinions?
on Jul 14, 2010 at 2:08:08 pm

One more thing -- the 7D lets you monitor in HD via HDMI while shooting, and the T2i only lets you monitor in SD while shooting (like the 5DmkII).

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Stephen Smith
Re: 7D vs T2I? Opinions?
on Jul 14, 2010 at 2:19:27 pm

A fun series to watch is the Great Camera Shootout: Anyways, they feel that the video quality of the 7D and T2i are very close.

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