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Canon 7D Mark II vs Canon 6D vs Canon 70D for Music Videos

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Ti Jak
Canon 7D Mark II vs Canon 6D vs Canon 70D for Music Videos
on Nov 15, 2015 at 9:25:08 am

Right now I own a Canon T3i and I use it to shoot music videos and for portrait photography.
I have been in need of a better DSLR.
I shoot the music videos with 60fps because it gives me freedom of making slow motion clips. I also need a dslr that is capable of better low-light performance. I manually focus while shooting so auto-focus while recording isn't a big deal to me.

I am currently looking at the Canon 7D Mark II because of the 60fps 1080p option.

I am interested in the 6D because full-frame is better for low-light, and even when using 720p for 60fps, the quality will still look clear because of the better low-light performance.

And finally,
I am looking at the 70D because I have read that it is the best DSLR for videos and good in low-light.

I have done a lot of research and I am stuck. I can't choose between the 3. If you own any of these cameras and have experience with their low-light or 60fps features, please let me know how you feel about them. Would anyone be able to personally help me out with which dslr to go after?
Thank you

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Melanie Easton
Re: Canon 7D Mark II vs Canon 6D vs Canon 70D for Music Videos
on Nov 18, 2015 at 1:49:49 am
Last Edited By Melanie Easton on Nov 18, 2015 at 1:51:39 am

Hi Ti Jak,

I'm far from what I'd consider professional, but I have the 70D and use it to shoot music videos. I shoot 25fps for regular speed stuff and 60fps for parts of the video I'm planning to convert to slow motion later.

I haven't used the 6D or 7D so can't give you a proper comparison, but I do love the 70D. The picture quality is stunning and the auto-focus is an incredible bonus. (I'm often a crew of one and not the most experienced cinematographer in the world so not having to manually pull focus all the time is a massive help.)

60fps on the 70D is also limited to 720p but I can't imagine you'd need 1080p, really? Most music videos are viewed online these days anyway, and 720p should be perfectly fine for what you're doing.

70D is good in low light but depending on what you're doing, you should probably still have lighting for your videos. It makes a massive difference and lets you keep your ISO lower for better quality. Also - remember that shooting in 60fps will require more light than shooting in a lower frame rate so you'll need to compensate for that somehow... by upping your ISO or adding extra lighting or whatever. (Shots look significantly darker shooting at 60fps than say 25fps, for example - so I always had to adjust for that. Just a thing to keep in mind.)

Sorry I'm not more articulate about the technical side of things - hope that helps a bit anyway.

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Bill Bruner
Re: Canon 7D Mark II vs Canon 6D vs Canon 70D for Music Videos
on Nov 24, 2015 at 2:59:20 pm

If you want 1080p 96 fps slow motion that looks like this:

And you want your music videos to look like this:

You might want to consider a $1297.99 Panasonic GH4 DSLM and a $133.43 Canon EF to micro 4/3 lens adapter instead of a similarly priced DSLR that is limited to 1080/60p or worse, 1080/30p.

With its 4096x2160 pixel video, this camera has 4 times the resolution of any of the 1920x1080 pixel Canon DSLRs on your list, records slow motion at up to 1080/96 fps, has a viewfinder that actually works while you're shooting video (as you know, DSLR viewfinders are blocked by the mirror), can record for hours continuously (no Canon 12 or 30 minute limit) and is compatible with your lenses with the Commlite adapter.

I traded my T2i in for a Panasonic GH2 about 5 years ago, then upgraded to the GH3 and the GH4. Switching from DSLRs to Panasonic mirrorless for video has been the smartest camera decision I ever made.

Hope this is helpful and, whatever you decide, good luck with your upgrade!

Hybrid Camera Revolution

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