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Flaat_12 Profile - Color Clusters?

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Daniel Outeiro
Flaat_12 Profile - Color Clusters?
on Apr 15, 2014 at 4:25:30 am

Hi everybody.

Recently I started filming with my Nikon D800 using Color Profile Flaat_12. I used an 50mm at F1.4.

As I looked trough my footage in the camera viewfinder, i found some defocused subjects having an unusual look. I tought that, due to the size and detail of the screen, that when I transfered the files to a better screen, those "color smudges" would have disaperaead and contain the right information.

1- Loss of detail in the ponytail

2 - Loss of detail in the "smiling guy" face

As you can see in the attachments i´ve uploaded, there are some loss of color definition and detail in the defocused subjects. As I try to color grade them, I cannot get any information.

Is it always like that when you use a low F/number?

Do any of you know how to avoid this kind of result?

Thank You very much!

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Steve Crow
Re: Flaat_12 Profile - Color Clusters?
on Apr 16, 2014 at 6:06:40 pm

In my opinion, the forehead of the smiling guy in your second picture is simply blurred because you are shooting at 1.4.

With a 50mm lens with your camera shooting at 1.4 and if you are standing 6 feet away from the point you are focusing on, only things 2 inches in front and 2 inches behind that focus point will be sharp.

The pony tail might be the same reason - if you are focused on the back of the head of the girl it is possible that the back of the pony tail is more than 2 inches away and is therefore blurred.

Because of the exposure level of the images I can't make out the "color smudges" you refer to.

Steve Crow

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JP Pelc
Re: Flaat_12 Profile - Color Clusters?
on May 28, 2014 at 2:02:16 pm

I see what you're talking about and I can see how it would be potentially distracting. I haven't shot with the Flaat_12 profile specifically, but I have shot with some other ones that flatten the image (Technicolor CineStyle and another one I think.) While shooting flat so you have more room in post is an ideal situation, I ended up finding it to be a bad idea on DSLR's. With an 8-bit color depth on highly compressed H.264 footage, the footage always falls apart in several different ways when any color is applied.

The picture style I use now is the Lotus Film Picture style

It costs a few dollars but well worth it. I like it as it gives a little bit of a film look right out of the camera, and leaves a little wiggle room for color but not too much is needed.

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