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Quality problem with some video - Canon t3i

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Luke Collis
Quality problem with some video - Canon t3i
on Apr 1, 2014 at 3:48:49 am

Hi guys. I've been having a bit of a problem when shooting with my Canon t3i - Quality isn't up to standard.

Check out a sliding shot I did a few days ago below. I was expecting an amazing shot but was really disappointed. Is there any one who might know what is going wrong here? The whole image looks soft and weird to me.

I had the camera on fully manual except for picture style (that was on auto). I kept the iso down as low as possible.

Any ideas?

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Al Bergstein
Re: Quality problem with some video - Canon t3i
on Apr 3, 2014 at 4:34:46 pm

Well, let's try some elimination. What I saw on YT was uniformly soft, and at 720p. To be clear, when you view the footage in your NLE or right out of the camera, it is exactly like this? Soft at all distances? This wasn't reprocessed inside an NLE and then exported out for youtube?

If so, barring a fluke, like you didn't properly focus the image before taking it, it could be that you used too slow a shutter speed for doing a slider move.. Especially with a camera like the T3i, which is shooting at 4:2:0 color space, macroblocking is an issue. (you should read up on the various methods of recording , there are good explanations on the issue found on the web).

I eventually sold my T2i and moved to a better camera to get away from the problems in 4:2:0. If you are shooting both moving water and a moving image, you should try and shoot at higher shutter speeds, 30p etc. If you are at 24p, for example, you are more likely to not record a clean image doing that move. You also have a lot of very hard to reproduce color going on, small items like leaves, water in motion, sunshine off the water. It's very difficult to reproduce this cleanly even with the camera on a tripod, given the poor quality of the t3i sensor, the way that Canon chose to implement video in that camera, etc. You may find, as I did, that I had to move up to 4:2:2 or higher to get this kind of image super clean out of the camera. I did shoot some work, just like this with a 4:2:0 camera back in 2010, and reused it recently, and yes, I noticed the macroblocking showing up compared to other footage. Take a look starting at 15 seconds into this video of mine, go HD and full screen and you'll see problems of macroblocking like yours, especially in the sky. It's a panning shot from a similar background down to the river. It was shot in 4:2:0 AVCHD at 24 fps.

Now I minimized the problem, by taking the footage in my NLE, and sending that clip out to 4:2:2. By doing that, I minimized the macroblocking as best as I could, along with adding a bit of sharpening to it.
But you should go back and take a sunny day, and experiment with your shutter speeds to see if you can find the right setting to minimize it, without selling your camera. Good luck!


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