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Dslr video workflow issues

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Christian Maine de Biran
Dslr video workflow issues
on Jan 24, 2014 at 7:11:36 am

I am having issues with my dslr video editing workflow. This is normally my process:
- transfer and convert usable footage to pro res 422 codec for effective editing
- (this is my issue) color correct or color grade whole clips in after effects then render que to a separate folder
- take corrected or graded footage and edit on Final Cut Pro 7 or Premiere cs5 (too slow)

I feel like I should be using premiere pro due to dynamic link but it is beyond slow in playback so using the dynamic link to me is pointless if the clips cannot play back without lag. On the other hand, color grading entire clips takes an eternity in after effects cs5

My video format is: 1920x1080 p and 24 fps compressed to prores422

Is premiere pro and after effects just THAT slow? I was excited to use it but it seems like even though Final Cut Pro 7 is so old, it still beats the hell out of waiting around and getting frustrated....

I guess my question is... Are my settings and video format correct and is there is more efficient process.


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Mike Smith
Re: Dslr video workflow issues
on Jan 24, 2014 at 10:25:45 am
Last Edited By Mike Smith on Jan 24, 2014 at 3:38:54 pm

One approach might be to edit native, render and colour correct at end.

If not editing directly using native footage, it might still be worth cutting directly your material ungraded - no After Effects first step - which should be realtime in PPro or FCPO7. and only goint to grading when you have a final cut (exceptionally, a few tricky shots where outcome is uncertain you might grade earlier.)

After Effects .. I guess the clue is in the title. Often it's used after (or in a parallel thread to) the basic cutting, to add in effects ....

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Al Bergstein
Re: Dslr video workflow issues
on Jan 25, 2014 at 6:16:11 am

Christian. You've not mentioned the computer you are trying to do all this on. What model are you running how much RAM do you have and what's your graphics card? It sounds like a graphics card issue to me. Your post leads me to believe you can edit on FCP7, AE or Premiere CS 5. Is there a good reason to remain on FCP7? There have been many significant improvements to Pr since 5. Just look at the chart on Wikipedia

It also sounds as if you are grading first and editing second. That seems odd. Perhaps you have some specific workflow I'm not familiar with. I am of the impression, from all I've been taught, that editing comes first and color correcting comes later, if not last. There are technical reasons for that, such as the way Pr and CUDA handle the Codec. There are lessons online that can clarify that if you need additional info.

I moved from FCP 7. Pr 5.5 and above has been very fast to work in. If you are on a Mac, you *should* get smoother scrubbing in ProRes. But it might slow down other processes. Many of us that came from MacPros and FCP 7 may need to upgrade our video cards, I've found.

Perhaps try working directly on the footage in Pr without transcoding.

Best of luck, Perhaps others have better solutions.


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