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Worker node - exclude a folder?

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Jeff Nielsen
Worker node - exclude a folder?
on Feb 3, 2011 at 8:16:34 pm

We're currently evaluating CatDV Enterprise with worker nodes to possibly purchase. I've got the worker node scanning our networked projects folder and successfully adding the assets as I want it to, but I'm wondering if there is a way to exclude by folder name. So, if I don't want anything added to the catalog from any folder named "restored" can that be done? The reason is we end up restoring old assets often into a project and don't want to re-archive them or even input them into a catalog. I know it can exclude by file name or type, but I'm wanting it to skip over any folder named "Restored". I see this problem going away over time as our projects become CatDV centric, but for now I would just as soon not have these old assets in the catalogs.


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bryson jones
Re: Worker node - exclude a folder?
on Feb 3, 2011 at 10:57:59 pm

I'm not aware of folder exclusions, but perhaps Rolf can speak to it. (not a bad request, actually)

I will say that I'm sure there's a way around it but not knowing your system or workflow, it's hard to start. (and way too much to type!)

A short idea is that you let CatDV scan it, but set an action that if the "BIN" name or path contains "restored" it could go to a "recycle" bin instead of the one it gets picked up into. Again, just one idea.

I, myself, don't usually have the Worker scan a working directory. It's normally watching a folder and then moving the data into a structure while adding things to a catalog. Users drop into a "drop" and that gets filed away by CatDV. But in a big SAN I totally see why you're working that way.


bryson "at"

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Rolf Howarth
Re: Worker node - exclude a folder?
on Mar 3, 2011 at 9:30:18 am

Apologies for the long delay in responding but you should be able to do this using a regex filename exclusion pattern in the Conditions tab, something like


to match for "restored" occurring anywhere in the path, or


to exclude files only whose direct parent is "restored".

Quick regex tutorial: [xyz] matches characters inside the square bracks, ^ negates the match, * means any number of occurrences, . matches any character, and $ matches the end of the text string. So, that pattern says match anything followed by "/restored/" followed by any characters excluding "/" up to the end of the path name.

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