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Importing database information into CatDV

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Richard Milner
Importing database information into CatDV
on Nov 29, 2010 at 7:08:21 pm

I am currently considering CatDV for purchase. While there are a number of issues that I will take up with the local reseller, I wanted more specific information about how to get metadata created in an Access Database imported into Cat DV. This database has no video linked to it.

Not only does the Database log roll and shot information, but it is linked to tables that have production information as well as a table that has information about the people that appear in each shot.

Also, how does the CatDV database interact with other databases. I understand that CatDV uses mySQL as the database. Will I recreate
all the tables and fields in mySQL or CatDV? - or a combination of both?
here are some of the fields and

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bryson jones
Re: Importing database information into CatDV
on Nov 29, 2010 at 9:55:19 pm

I'd advise you to find a good dealer or integrator to work with on this. Speaking as an integrator of course. lol But that's a pretty deep project you have there.

The short answers are that yes, you can import data, but that's generally a custom job, unless you're really handy with db stuff.

As far as interactions with the SQL under CatDV. It is my understanding that that is "unsupported" but that custom work can be done in some cases. Most of the sites I've seen have used CatDV as the import point and then passed off data to the other database and updated as necessary rather than have 2 systems sharing a database.

The simplest way to handle it it to create a CatDV setup that includes your existing fields, import the data and then link assets to the pre-created records as the media becomes available.

On jobs that I've been on like this we generally handle this by determining what you are trying to do and if CatDV will satisfy your needs. Then demonstrating with a small dataset to find an acceptable import layout and prove the concept before proceeding.

Rolf, do you care to speak officially on the MySQL stuff?


bryson "at"

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Rolf Howarth
Re: Importing database information into CatDV
on Nov 29, 2010 at 10:58:49 pm

There are quite a few ways of importing data from another system into CatDV, for example as tab-separated text, by creating an XML "sidecar" file with each media asset, by creating a CatDV XML batch file and so on. They're all relatively straightforward, but you'll probably still want to talk to a systems integrator if you don't have some programming skills in house.

Although the CatDV server uses an SQL database internally, the database schema isn't directly extensible in the way I think you're describing. Again, the schema is all pretty straightforward, and even though it isn't officially sanctioned or supported, you shouldn't have too many problems using third party reporting tools to directly get data out of the database. I wouldn't suggest you attempt to directly MODIFY the data, however, because there's too much scope for corrupting things if you make a mistake. We're not that keen on support queries saying "we thought we'd tweak the 'clip' table slightly and now we keep getting database errors when we try to log on, can you fix it?" :-)

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