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CatDV Footage Request Queue Ideas

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Will Duncan
CatDV Footage Request Queue Ideas
on Mar 22, 2016 at 6:29:50 pm

We're starting to get a lot of footage requests at work for media that has been archived / taken offline. Our editors don't have access to the archive system so typically requests come to one or two people who handle them.

On average, the requests are for a specific event, so you just restore a whole catalog.

But as we grow, we're editing more features, documentary work, and promotional content that involves many clips from many catalogs.

What I'm asking for is ideas or solutions to how to handle this.

Right now, I get a list of clips emailed in. It's just inefficient. A catalog is cake, but 50 clips you have to go do queries for and call in 1 by 1 and then remember to take offline later 1 by 1.

I was thinking of a checkbox or request dropdown and generating a queue in the client view. Has anybody done this? Or have a clever way of managing it?

I'd like to solve the whole process, from restoring to remembering to remove it, so a queue for what is asking to be restored and then a list of items that have been restored that can be removed.

Thanks in advance for advice, ideas or help.

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Dave Clack
Re: CatDV Footage Request Queue Ideas
on Mar 23, 2016 at 3:04:58 pm

Hi Will, there are probably several ways to achieve this, with different levels of automation.

Your starting point is a good one ...

You could use the CatDV web client for folk to search for, and find, content themselves. They could set a checkbox in metadata to request it.

Then you could have a manual process, with an associated Smart Folder, that shows you all content that has been requested. You could restore the original from archive and tell the requester it's back on the SAN/NAS, or send the content to them. You could see from the clip history who last updated the clip to see who requested the content, or you could have the requester type in their name / email address at the time of requesting the content. You'd then manually clear the request fields afterwards.

This would be very simple to set up, and quite effective.

Getting a bit more automated, you could get the Worker to automatically restore content based on the original check box (depending on your archive tool / integration / plugin). Then have a Smart Folder that looks for content that is both 'requested' and 'on line'. You could even have a worker job that mailed you or potentially the requester when there was content ready and back on line. That would save some steps above.

The web client does let folks download hi-res media (at least for 'simple' one file = one asset' media. So you could open that up and make the whole process self service if you have a 'house' / mezzanine format

that would mean customer requests footage, it is automatically restored, they get emailed that it is back on line, and then can download it to their local workstation.

We're in the process of adding email actions into the Worker's Processing Steps which will make some of these easier to implement (Worker 6.1.4 onwards)

Our pro' services folks could help to set these kinds of things up with you if you like, or even to extend CatDV to make it do just what you need. Just mail or

hth !

Dave - Square Box

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