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"Replace" Feature to correct metadata text entries?

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Lindsay Simpson
"Replace" Feature to correct metadata text entries?
on Feb 4, 2016 at 3:48:03 pm

Is there any means inside CatDV to replace a particular word, or name in this case, after finding and selecting all clips needing a word replacement?

Basically I have a staff member that logged a significant number of clips with a wrong name identification in the log notes. Ideally I'd like to be able to isolate these clips and replace the incorrect name with the correct name in a batch effort, rather than individually.

Thanks for any helpful pointers!

Otherwise, I am really enjoying CatDV and its new role in our workflow. It's becoming a powerful tool to house and locate years worth of media.

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Dougal Matthews
Re: "Replace" Feature to correct metadata text entries?
on Feb 11, 2016 at 11:43:32 am

hi Lindsay

the first step is to identify the problem records to do this I'd create a smart folder with a search for the incorrect records this way at least you know what / how many you're dealing with

in the tools menu we have a Bulk edit feature WARNING this is a really powerful tool and with great power comes great responsibility ( and the ability to really mess things up ) so before we talk about using it here are some caveats

make a test catalog copy sample files into it and confine your efforts to this test catalog ( its duplicate data so if you mess up you can delete and start again) until you are 100% sure that you are getting the results you want without any unintended consequences.
When you think you have things working make some more test catalogs duplicating more data and check and check again things that work on some clips might not work correctly on others

Then BEFORE you make these changes to live Data with the bulk edit tool make a full Database backup this is your safety in case something does go wrong.

so Warnings done the bulk edit tool allows you to replace key metadata on any selected files so if we open the smart folder you created first and select all this should select all the problem files

As an additional safety feature its worth copying the original data to a user metadata field so you still have it in the system meaning you can still search against the "OLD" values or roll back a record if needed

we can do this to demonstrate the bulk edit field

in your case we'd select the destination as a newly created user field called say "old Notes" In the image below I've chosen "User 46"

this is set ( overwrite ) so we'll copy the metadata exactly and overwrite anything that already there -Please note there are tool tips on all the input /menu options which help explain what they do. ( I warned you its easy to do damage just imagine if you picked the wrong field to overwrite )

the source is your original notes field

so at this point we've tested backed up the DB made a safety copy of the original notes field in a spare user field

now comes the dangerous and difficult part modifying the existing Data

Dangerous because we are now changing "live" metadata

difficult because of the type of metadata , if it had been say a misspelling in a pick list we could do a straight substitution but as we're looking for a bit of text in a larger text field you'll need to tick the allow variables box so we can use Regex

This allows the use of regular expressions so we can use programming techniques to search for and replace data and at this point I cant really advise further as the regex needs to be crafted specifically for not only the target word but also the target environment so you'd need different regex if for instance the word appeared more than once - different again if the cases of letters change.

there is some guidance on the square box website links below on the use of Regex my advice would be unless you have programing experience and are familiar with regex find someone who can do this for you or contact your resellers / Squarebox to have this done as professional services

good luck , I hope the above helps you achieve your aims

cheers Dougal

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