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Connecting Proxies w/ Offlined Clips

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Justin Mason
Connecting Proxies w/ Offlined Clips
on May 27, 2015 at 9:16:43 pm

Hello all,

Thank you in advance for reading my post.

We are in the process of moving our older media "offline". The media is being moved from our Facilis network storage onto nearline/external drives. Once moved we reconnect the files to their new offline media path. The issue we're having is that when these files are reconnected to a new media path we are losing connection to the proxies for each clip.

When moving media offline how can I ensure that the original proxies will be available? I'd prefer an automated solution. Can this be accomplished with the Media Search Paths section under preferences?

Thanks Again!


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Robb Harriss
Re: Connecting Proxies w/ Offlined Clips
on May 27, 2015 at 9:47:54 pm

Assuming that you are using the "path" method for proxies—all you have to do is have identical paths on the drive holding the proxies. If the "masters" are in a new drive with different subdirectories then duplicate the path named on the proxy drive. Then in preferences you can change the location of the proxy drive itself. When the matching proxies are in the similarly named path they'll link by themselves. This assumes that the file names of the masters haven't changed.

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bryson jones
Re: Connecting Proxies w/ Offlined Clips
on May 29, 2015 at 4:15:07 am

Justin, as Robb said, CatDV links proxy by path. If you move files, you need to move the proxy or as was suggested, add proxy equivalencies. This will prove problematic with your Facilis storage. This has been covered here in other threads. (I'll try to search it when I can.)

In basic form, if a file is at:


the proxy will link at:


That path should be for-ever... if a file is restored to an alternate location, then the proxy must be moved to the new path, or you must trick the system into seeing the files by setting a path equivalency.

This is why a good consultant will advise you to set up a fixed set of media paths that are persistent. DAMs hate when drive paths appear and disappear.

In the end, (warning free advice & opinion here!) you need some training and an overall strategy. This is fairly easy to accomplish, in several ways, but it's not something that's easily typed on a message board as it's very specific to each client's environment. It will likely be a change in your workflow more than a change in CatDV or the config. We've done tons of systems on Facilis rigs with no issues.

I'd find a great integrator and get them in asap before you end up with a ton of unlinkable media. I know both the resellers you have engaged with have great techs I'm sure they can sort you out and if not, they can help you engage someone who can.


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