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Justin Mason
Automate Tagging
on Aug 6, 2014 at 6:01:07 pm

Hello all, I'm fairly new to CatDV. The production I now work for has had CatDV 'up on the shelf' for some time and we're now ready to move forward. I've been working on ingesting and cataloging the hundreds of thousands of assets and I am now ready to get a little more advanced on my functionality.

My question: What are some ways that I can automate tagging in CatDV?

Currently CatDV will auto fill things like file name, format, duration, frame size & rate, audio, etc., but we need a lot more information about our assets than that. We need asset type, project info, content notes, etc. Can worker node or other avenues pull this information from file names and file paths? Can worker node see an mxf file and with our parameters know that the clip is scene 1 take 1? (Ex; A1000101.mxf).

Thank you in advance.

-Justin M.

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John Vaudin
Re: Automate Tagging
on Aug 7, 2014 at 9:00:04 am

If the information you need to extract is encoded in the path/filename then yes - the Worker can extract that information and write it into your chosen user fields.

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bryson jones
Re: Automate Tagging
on Aug 11, 2014 at 4:01:00 pm

If you take a look at the Worker Node's variables (under the "help" button when you're editing a worker action) you will find a ton of things that can be extracted.

If you need to do the type of extraction you are looking for in the example listed, you may need to do some regular expressions (or get help with them if you're not into programming.) Your dealer can point you in the right direction there.

This is where naming schemas and detailed folder/path structures become important. For example:

If I have a file called in the path, /Volumes/MEDIA/Projects/Client_Name/Shoot_Name/B-Roll/

I can pull the client name, the shoot name and what type of footage is is from the path using variables.

I can also pull "day01" or "07" or "ADS4345C4" as well from the filename.

There are rules and you have to decide whether or not you can or have to change your filenames to match this. Additionally, a good programmer can adapt outside scripting to do extra functions that may not be covered in the Worker Node. We have scripts, for instance, that expand codes such as "ABC" and replace them with Alabama Broadcast Company based on a lookup file. CatDV can do this with RegEx but it takes a lot more work.

Extra thought: It honestly may not be worth the trouble if the files are already created and stored. CatDV tagging is pretty amazingly fast for a human to do (and interns are pretty cheap.) But in the end, going forward, things can get a lot simpler if you plan now.

You can make the call based on whether the tagging will cost you more than programming and how valuable the data is.

This is a new metric for most post and production managers. It's something that was never possible so the business decision makers may have never had to consider that. This is far and away the harder thing to work out than the technical side of extracting the data.


bryson "at"

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