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Scan for New Files Error

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Tom Barber
Scan for New Files Error
on Mar 12, 2014 at 9:03:30 pm

I'm about ready to give up on CatDV! I tried to import about 30 digitized DV tapes and CatDV gave me an error message that I said I had run out of memory. I contacted Square Box and didn't get much help, with them telling me that my import was too large. They didn't bother to tell me what had happened and how much of what I had tried to import had failed, or how to diagnose where my catalog stood. They just told me that I should try to import in smaller batches. I've tried to Scan for New Files to see if any unimported files would be caught and I get the error message

Scanned 1073 directories
Processing 8221 of 18598 files (10377 of 18598 already loaded)
java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: java heap space
Processed 0 of 8221 files

My Raid 5 4TB external drive is not full, and my 1 TB internal system drive is not full. I have 32GB RAM and am working in 64 bit mode.

Memory Usage tells me the following:
Number of clips: 11293 (11293)
Tape Records 0 (0)
Source media records" 7664 (7665)
Import source records: 7629 (7630)
Movie Cache: 0 clips
Thumbnails: 20070; 70138k; 29 icons (20070)
Java heap: 172693k used, 446884k total

1. What is going on?
2. What do I do to fix this?
3. Should I just erase my catalog and start over importing smaller batches?
4. Is there any place to get a good manual (besides CatDV 10.0 Reference Guide)

Tom Barber

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Rolf Howarth
Re: Scan for New Files Error
on Mar 12, 2014 at 10:06:35 pm

There are a lot of tutorials and other technical resources on our web site.

According to our support records you raised a couple of technical support queries about a month ago, all of which we answered and then heard nothing further from you.

There are no hard and fast limits as to how many files you can import as it all depends on a myriad of factors such as what you're doing, what sort of files you're dealing with, what your computer spec is, what else you use the computer for, what other software you have installed, how big the thumbnails you create are, how many log notes you enter for each clip, and so on.

From the snapshot information you sent it doesn't look as if you are using an excessive amount of memory so there may be something else going on. If you can send a CatDV Error Log (accessible via the Help menu) to that might provide some additional clues.


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bryson jones
Re: Scan for New Files Error
on Mar 12, 2014 at 10:08:09 pm

Simple fixes here.

1 - Get a good dealer/integrator to set up your system and train you.

2 - Don't scan 1073 directories at once. That's simply not how the app works. (Try dragging 1073 directories into your NLE at one time and report the results.)

3 - Search this forum for Catalog size and out of memory errors.


bryson "at"

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