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Scott Goddard
Anonymous Catalogs
on May 16, 2013 at 9:30:19 pm

I am trying to configure a setup to enable easy editing of Group preferences but also give the many groups access to ALL the catalogs. Would placing the catalogs in the 'anonymous' folder be a way of achieving this? Is it best practices?

Example Groups:

1)Read Only
2)Read Some
3)Read All (admin)

If I have my catalogs in the read only group, the read some group cannot have access and vice versa. There is no group setting for 'read other groups catalogs'. So far the only way I seem to be able to achieve the desired goal of different preference settings for each group and read access to every catalog is to place the catalogs in the 'anonymous' folder.

Are there issues in working this way?


On another note, the **System Group** does have an option to have access to ALL Catalogs.

Scott Goddard

Neo Verite Limited

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bryson jones
Re: Anonymous Catalogs
on May 17, 2013 at 5:43:24 pm

Hey there,

I'm struggling with explaining this in our training curriculum as I type, timely question.

This is a strange part of CatDV. The "Groups" are usually associated with Catalogs and so it's hard to manage permissions there as a clip can only live in one catalog and a catalog can only be in one group. So think of group not as a true "user group" but as a group of clips.

"Groups" as most systems would define them, generally map to "Roles" in CatDV. So this way you can control the permissions of a set of people to a set of clips by putting them into Roles.

User is as it sounds.

The hard part is managing giving people different access to clips inside a group. The way I've done this is by abandoning the "production" part of "Production Groups". We mostly use 2-4 groups for a single production. That way we can manage access to assets. For instance if ShowA is the title of the production, we might have:


as Production Groups. In this way you can assign different permissions to different asset collections within a "show".

Adding to this the ability to change the ownership of certain catalogs within those groups and you can end up with a pretty granular matrix.

This is far easier to work out once you have a good set of assets and users in place to experiment with. Also, a flow chart helps once you get your system in place to help others re-create it for a new production.

I'll let you folks know as we gather this into a more concise printed form as well.


bryson "at"

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Scott Goddard
Re: Anonymous Catalogs
on May 27, 2013 at 8:23:18 am

Had a big test with this today. It is certainly a strange setup with Groups, Roles, Users. It feels like it is missing a permission to get the full flexibility.

We then started to test with the 'locked fields' and this is very flexible and useful. You can have one production group with all your catalogs and then have your admins able to edit locked fields.

For a read only user who you want to be able to edit one field such as a drop down action 'request video' you simply leave this unlocked. You can further limit the tabs so that they can only see certain options.

Scott Goddard

Neo Verite Limited

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