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Library -1...?

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Aaron Rock
Library -1...?
on Apr 17, 2013 at 10:23:04 pm

We've been using CatDV for about a year now with great results. Our usual archiving method transfers all our media to one shared drive. /KLTV Library/Media

During the archiving of our most recent project we ran into an odd issue with the volume naming. All of the media transferred normally to the drive. However, for some reason, the graphics and audio files were labeled as being housed in /KLTV Library-1/Media

We found that on the CatDV interface with finder, there was an empty folder labeled KLTV Library, thus making the actual drive KLTV Library-1.

This only occurred with the Graphics and Audio files, recently we shifted to hosing these files in separate folders from the other media. Could this be the cause of our problems? Any ideas on why this would happen or how to avoid it?

Below are a few Screenshots and details to clarify the issue.

The Normal Media Drive

The Sub-named Media Drive

We recently added the sub-folders, they are the only items added to CatDV differently. Our Usual Method is to add the files to a CatDV catalog, log them, and copy the files over to the shared drive, updating the clips to refer to a new copy and skipping anything that it finds on the drive.

For graphics and audio, we have them in a Project based folder structure See Below:

For files in these folders, we add them to their sub-folder in finder and drag/drop them into CatDV from there.

Could we avoid the problem be using catDV to copy them to their location, or is the issue with the folders themselves.

Any help would be much appreciated,

Thanks for your time.

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bryson jones
Re: Library -1...?
on Apr 17, 2013 at 11:07:52 pm

This is a mount point issue with your OS. you can sometimes mount a volume via two methods and the second mount will be named "-1" as you see.

Check in your /Volumes folder (on a mac type command-g and enter /Volumes into the dialog that pops up) and see if there's perhaps a left over alias in the folder.

Usually a reboot will clear this but sometimes an alias is left (This is very common in xsan/stornext environments.)

If you have a ton of data that got cataloged this way, you can simply set an equivalent path in your prefs, but it's best to edit the paths if you can, since automations can fail if the correct path isn't recorded.


bryson "at"

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Rolf Howarth
Re: Library -1...?
on Apr 17, 2013 at 11:23:16 pm

Either you have two disks with the same name mounted or some program (possibly an older version of CatDV, though in general we try very hard not to do so) has create a FOLDER called /Volumes/Library, in which case when you try to mount the disk called Library it finds that /Volumes/Library is unavaialble and so it has to use /Volumes/Library-1. If /Volumes/Library is a folder then delete it (or better still, move it) and reboot. Make sure it doesn't contain any data you need before deleting it!

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Tim Jones
Re: Library -1...?
on Apr 17, 2013 at 11:40:56 pm

As Rolf alludes, it actually appears that you've been caught by the standard OS X glitch^H^H^H^H^H^H^Hfunction that occurs if a volume is not unmounted properly due to a system crash or a fiilesystem lockup. We see this a lot with Firewire and USB disks or Xsan volumes that get dismounted because of a FC fabric failure.

Normally, when you disconnect a disk volume from the system, the filesystem manager will delete the mount point created under /Volumes. However, if the drive is not properly dismounted, the mountpoint folder will still be there when the drive volume is next connected. Upon reconnecting, the system sees the original folder as already existing and therefore creates a new mount point with a -1 (and -2, and -3...). This will confuse all applications that expect the path of a mounted volume to remain consistent. We reported this to Apple as a bug back in 2003 and were informed that this was not a bug and is what their users expect.

To resolve this, we have customers rename the original mountpoint to something else, remount the proper drive (the system now creates the correct mount point) and copy any files / folders over to the now properly mounted drive. I would use the terminal instead of Finder like this:

cp -rv /Volumes/new_name/* /Volumes/Correct_Name/

Rolf, how will CatDV handle this after the files are copied to the proper mountpoint folder name instead of "Library-1"?

Tim Jones
CTO - TOLIS Group, Inc.
BRU ... because it's the RESTORE that matters!

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Aaron Rock
Re: Library -1...?
on Apr 18, 2013 at 2:25:51 pm

Thanks for all the feedback on this. This makes sense, we checked the folder, nothing in it. Fortunately, even with the OS error, the media automatically wet to the library-1 volume as opposed to the library folder.

Continually appreciative of how responsive this community is with problems as they arise.

Thank you.

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