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Worker Node Catalogue Script Variable Issue

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Nate Hartzler
Worker Node Catalogue Script Variable Issue
on Oct 30, 2012 at 3:16:47 pm

CatDV Worker Node 5.0b8 1361.

Running CatDV Server and CatDV 7 clients.

I am configuring a Worker Node job triggered via watch folder (e.g. X:RawFootage). Media from shoots are placed in “Raw Footage” by a media-card copying application. Another watchfolder program is watching “Raw Footage” and copying the clips to an LTO tape.

One element of the Worker Node’s job is to use the LTO Tape name (e.g. A_001) as information for clip fields.
So, I have a .bat program executing in Command line 1 which outputs the name of the LTO Tape currently in the local machine's LTO Drive resulting in “A_001”. Under the "Publish" tab I've set the Clip Field "Tape" to equal "$x". This is working. The tape field is being set properly as "A_001".

When publishing the catalogue to the server, I'd like the catalogue name to also be named by the current LTO tape but when I use the $x variable in the Catalog name field, the catalog name outputs as $x, and not A_001.

The confusing element in this problem is that if I choose the "Append to catalog" field and set "C:Local Databases$x" the variable works and names the catalog "A_001.autoappend.cvd"

But I need the server catalog name to work, if at all possible. Any thought would be appreciated.


Piecing the puzzle together without a clear view of the box...

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Rolf Howarth
Re: Worker Node Catalogue Script Variable Issue
on Nov 3, 2012 at 8:53:21 pm

When importing clips the worker needs to know the catalog name in advance (in case you have the avoid duplicates option enabled, or are creating metaclips, etc.), which means that some variables are unavailable at that time.

To do what you want you might need to do it in two stages with two watch actions. First, import clips based on a watch folder and set the Tape field as you do currently, then publish it to a temporary catalog. Secondly, have a server query that looks for clips in the temporary catalog and moves them to another catalog based on the tape field (using ${TP}).

By the way, you're misusing the Tape field slightly, as that is intended for the reel number for old tape-based workflows. It isn't normally used on modern tapeless workflows. It shouldn't be a big problem but if you can I'd probably recommend using a user-defined field instead.

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